ipl 2024 team

IPL 2024

ipl 2024 team

IPL 2024 Today Toss Result

DateToss TimeMatchToss Winner
25 May 20247:00 PMSRH vs KKRSRH (Probably)

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In an IPL 2024 Who will win the toss predicts the majority of the winner of the match. Toss is one of the most important rituals in cricket which decides the fate of the final winner. However, it is also important that the toss-winning team’s captain makes the right decision whether to choose bat or ball first. It is entirely a game of collecting the right data like weather conditions, the pitch of the stadium, turf, conditions of the ground, etc.

But who will toss the coin in before the match and how it decides which captain makes a call for head and tail?

IPL 2024 Toss Winner List

DateTimeMatchToss WinnerMatch Winner
22- Mar- 20247:30 PMRCB vs CSKRCBCSK Won by 6 Wickets
23- Mar- 20243:30PMDC vs PBKSPBKSPBKS Won by 4 Wickets
23- Mar- 20247:30 PMKKR vs SRHSRHKKR Won by 4 Runs
24- Mar- 20243:30PMRR vs LSGRRRR Won by 20 Runs
24- Mar- 20247:30 PMGT vs MIMIGT Won by 6 Runs
25- Mar- 20247:30 PMPBKS vs RCBRCBRCB Won by 4 Wickets
26- Mar- 20247:30 PMCSK vs GTGTCSK Won by 63 Runs
27- Mar- 20247:30 PMSRH vs MIMISRH Won by 31 Runs
28- Mar- 20247:30 PMRR vs DCDCRR Won by 12 Runs
29- Mar- 20247:30 PMRCB vs KKRKKRKKR Won by 7 Wickets
30- Mar- 20247:30 PMLSG vs PBKSLSGLSG Won by 21 Runs
31- Mar- 20243:30PMGT vs SRHSRHGT Won by 7 Wickets
31- Mar- 20247:30 PMDC vs CSKDCDC Won by 20 Runs
1- April- 20247:30 PMMI vs RRRRRR Won by 6 Wickets
2- April- 20247:30 PMRCB vs LSGRCBLSG Won by 28 Runs
3- April- 20247:30 PMDC vs KKRKKRKKR Won by 106 Runs
4- April-20247:30 PMGT vs PBKSPBKSPBKS won by 3 wickets
5-April-20247:30 PMSRH vs CSKSRHSRH won by 6 wickets
6- April- 20247:30 PMRCB vs RRRRRR Won by 6 Wickets
7- April-20247:30 PMMI vs DCDCMI won  by 29 runs
7 -April-20247:30 PMLSG vs GTLSGLSG won by 33 runs
8-April-20247:30 PMCSK vs KKRCSKCSK won by 7 wickets
9-April-20247:30 PMPBKS vs SRHPBKSSRH won by 2 runs
10-April-20247:30 PMRR vs GTGTGT won by 3 wickets
11-April-20247:30 PMMI vs RCBMIMI won by 7 wickets
12-April-20247:30 PMLSG vs DCLSGDC won by 6 wickets
13-April-20247:30 PMPBKS vs RRRRRR won by 3 wickets
14-April-20243:30 PMKKR vs LSGKKRKKR won by 8 wickets
14-April-20247:30 PMMI vs CSKMICSK won by 20 runs
15-April-20247:30 PMRCB vs SRHRCBSRH won by 25 runs
16-April-20247:30 PMKKR vs RRRRRR won by 2 Wickets
17-April-20247:30 PMGT vs DCDCDC won by 6 wickets
18-April-20247:30 PMPBKS vs MIPBKSMI won by 9 runs
19-April-20247:30 PMLSG vs CSKLSGLSG won by 8 wickets
20-April-20247:30 PMDC vs SRHDCSRH won by 67 Runs
21-April-20243:30 PMKKR vs RCBRCBKKR won by 1 Run
21-April-20247:30 PMPBKS vs GTPBKSGT won by 3 wickets
22 April 20247:00 PMRR vs MIRRRR won by 9 Wickets
23 April 20247:00 PMCSK vs LSGLSGLSG won by 6 wickets
24 April 20247:00 PMDC vs GTDCDC won by 4 Runs
25 April 20247:00 PMSRH vs RCBRCBRCB won by 35 Runs
26 April 20247:00 PMKKR vs PBKSPBKSPBKS won by 8 wickets
27 April 20243:00 PMDC vs MIMIDC won by 10 Runs
27 April 20247:00 PMLSG vs RRRRRR won by 7 wickets
28 April 20247:00 PMGT vs RCBRCBRCB won by 9 wickets
28 April 20247:00 PMCSK vs SRHSRHCSK won by 78 runs
29 April 20247:00 PMKKR vs DCDCKKR won by 7 wickets
30 April 20247:00 PMLSG vs MILSGLSG won by 4 wickets
1 May 20247:00 PMCSK vs PBKSPBKSPBKS won by 7 wickets
2 May 20247:00 PMSRH vs RRSRHSRH won by 1 Run
3 May 20247:00 PMMI vs KKRMIKKR won by 24 Runs
4 May 20247:00 PMRCB vs GTRCBRCB won by 4 wickets
5 May 20243:00 PMPBKS vs CSKPBKSCSK won by 28 runs
5 May 20247:00 PMLSG vs KKRLSGKKR won by 98 Runs
6 May 20247:00 PMMI vs SRHMIMI won by 7 wickets
7 May 20247:00 PMDC vs RRRRDC won by 20 Runs
8 May 20247:00 PMSRH vs LSGLSGSRH won by 10 Wickets
9 May 20247:00 PMPBKS vs RCBPBKSRCB won by 60 runs
10 May 20247:00 PMGT vs CSKCSKGT won by 35 Runs
11 May 20247:00 PMKKR vs MIMIKKR won by 18 Runs
12 May 20243:00 PMCSK vs RRRRCSK won by 5 wickets
12 May 20247:00 PMRCB vs DCDCRCB won by 47 Runs
13 May 20247:00 PMGT vs KKRMatch got abandoned due to rainMatch got abandoned due to rain
14 May 20247:00 PMDC vs LSGLSGDC won by 19 Runs
15 May 20247:00 PMRR vs PBKSRRPBKS won by 5 wickets
16 May 20247:00 PMSRH vs GTMatch AbandonedMatch Abandoned
17 May 20247:00 PMMI vs LSGMILSG won by 18 runs
18 May 20247:00 PMRCB vs CSKCSKRCB won by 27 runs
19 May 20243:00 PMSRH vs PBKSPBKSSRH won by 4 wickets
19 May 20247:00 PMRR vs KKRMatch AbandonedMatch Abandoned
21 May 20247:00 PMKKR vs SRHSRHKKR won by 8 wickets
22 May 20247:00 PMRR vs RCBRRRR won by 4 wickets

To Toss the coin, the two team captains, a referee, an announcer, and sometimes a mascot participate and meet in the middle of the stadium. In most cases, the captain of the home side ground will toss the captain and the visiting team’s captain make a call for the Head and Tail. 

In the neutral ground or stadium, the referee or umpire randomly selects who will toss and who will make a call. Once the coin is tossed and settled on the ground announcer calls out the winner and asks about his decision to choose whether to bat or to field first. 

The IPL is the shortest cricket format and stadium conditions don’t change in such a short period. However, winning a toss can make a slight difference that can decide the fate of the game later like if it’s a day match-winning team captain will likely go for the bat first so his entire team won’t get exposed to the excruciating heat. On the other hand, if a team is known for its strong batting lineup and run chase then they will love to go for bat second.

In the previous IPL 2023 season, Chennai Super Kings ex-captain MS Dhoni and MI’s ex-skipper Rohit Sharma won the 10 times most Toss coins in 16 IPL matches.   

The table below lists captains who won the most toss in the IPL 2023 season.

IPL TeamCaptainCountWonLostWinning %
CSKMS Dhoni161060.62
MIRohit Sharma161060.62
RRSanju Samson141040.71
GTHardik Pandya17980.52
RCBFaf Du Plessis14860.57
DCDavid Warner14770.5
SRHAiden Markram14770.5
PBKSShikhar Dhawan14590.35
KKRNitish Rana14590.35
LSGKL Rahul153120.2