About us


About us

We are India's biggest real money Ludo game operator. We believe in providing the best gaming experience to all our users.

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    FK Ludo is a dream game project of Fantasy khiladi Pvt. Ltd.

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    FK Ludo is start-up based in India. Founded in Feb 2019, FK Ludo has been growing at an increasingly tremendous pace

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    FK Ludo managed by a professional management team.

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    You can play this game among your friends,family, and with online friends.

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    FK Ludo is the most interesting game and it gives a chance to earn money in real-time & offers instant withdrawals.

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    Stay Connected For More Excitement... For additional queries, please contact us at support@fantasykhiladi.com

Amazing Features

earn real money

Earn Real Money

Play FK Ludo Online to Earn Real Money,

earn real money

Instant Withdrawal

Just One click withdrawal

earn real money

24x7 Support

We are always here to help you.

FK Ludo is a real Ludo Money Board Game

Fk Ludo provides a real Ludo Money Board Game which is totally based on skill. Ludo is a multiplayer board game. All Indians are well-grounded about this. Now Ludo is also available to be played online. In this game, 4 tokens for each player start to finish based on the role of a die.

In India's board game history FK Ludo is the first online Ludo Money game. FK Ludo provides Ludo games in four different ways.

Ludo Money :- Ludo Money is a key focus part of FK Ludo. In this part, the user can create a battle as he wants to play, otherwise, he can pick up any created battle. In the Ludo Money category games start from Rs 10 to Rs 5000.

Online Ludo:- In this part users are not able to create battles. Only selected battles are there. Users need to select one and play with the opponent.

Beginner Battle: Here new users can play games for a low amount.

Fk Ludo also known as Fantasy Khiladi Ludo, Fantasy Ludo , Ludo fantasy , Ludo Money. Here more than 5000 active users are available at a time. Fk Ludo is India's largest and best Ludo Money game. Fk ludo is 100% safe and secure and has 100% real users.

If you want to feel your childhood then play on FK Ludo. It is the best platform for earning money with full fun. So now is the time to show your skill on the FK Ludo and earn Money.

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