Best Walk & Earn Apps: Nowadays, several new ways to earn money online have emerged. People too seek different ways where they can earn a good amount of money either without investment or with minimal investment. But what if someone told you that in an interminable part of your life walking can help you earn money? Yes, you heard that right, now you can simply walk and earn money.

A great many earning apps in the mentioned category have emerged over time that allow you to earn money. Not only do these apps promote healthy habits like moving or walking, but also reward you for the same. Here are some apps where you can earn money by walking.

Top 10 App That Pays You for Walking in India

App NameInstallsMonthly Earnings (USD)
Achievement5k+Up to 5,000
Runtopia1M+Between 6,000 to 10,000
Stepbet1M+Between 2,000 to 20,000
Lifecoin50K+Up to 5,000
Winwalk1M+Between 5,000 to 20,000
PK Rewards50K+Up to 10,000
Bitwalking500k+Up to 10,000
Sweatcoin50M+Up to 50,000
Fit Potato10K+Up to 2,000
BetterPoint100K+Up to 20,000
Lucky Step10K+Up to 10,000

1. Achievement: App That Pay you for Walk

Achievement - Best Walk & Earn Apps

The Achievement app is one of the best apps to earn money from healthy habits. This app allows you to win money through Walking, Exercising, Meditating etc. The Achievement app syncs with various other fitness apps through which it monitors your health goals and status and the number of physical workouts that you have done. The app then gives you points for these exercises and helps you redeem these points which can later be used for payments.

However, one needs to reach a certain number of points to be able to redeem them. Once you’ve earned 10,000 points, you can redeem them for $10.

Sign up for Achievement Fitness here

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2. Runtopia: App That Pay you for Walk

Runtopia - Best Walk & Earn Apps in India

Runtopia is an app that encourages people to walk and make use of the points earned at the galleria of the app. In this app, one can simply earn points through different challenges and targets given by the app. However, one has to get a premium subscription to his name to get these targets and plans to their name.

Sign up for Runtopia here

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3. Stepbet: Walk & Earn Money

Stepbet - Best Walk & Earn Apps 2023

As one can understand from a part of this app’s name, Stepbet asks users to bet a certain amount for a fitness target which they will have to complete to earn that part of money. But the only catch in this app is that the money needs to come up front.

Sign up for Stepbet here

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4. Lifecoin: Earn money by Walking


This app allows the user to earn coins through running and walking. This app also provides its users with different targets and challenges that can be completed to earn coins. However, this app is not as accurate as other apps and only syncs in very certain fitness activities such as running, walking and cycling.

Sign up for Lifecoin here

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5. Winwalk: Earn Online through Walking


Considered one of the best apps that pays you for walking, Winwalk allows you to earn money for every step. This app also features many challenges that you can share with your family and friends to achieve an inch of motivation with a few coins of money. The app also includes a leaderboard where one can track and compare the status of their coins earned and calories burned. A shortcoming of this app is its availability across limited countries.

Sign up for Winwalk here

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6. PK Rewards: Best App that Pays you to Walk

PK Rewards

PK Rewards is yet another app that can help users earn money through walking. One can simply keep the app in sync with the physical workouts and earn coins through them. However, it cannot be used by users worldwide due to its availability in China.

Sign up for PK Rewards here

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7. Bitwalking: Walk and Earn Paytm Cash


This is another one of those apps that rewards users for walking but in BitDollars a unique value of the app. These BitDollars can then be used within the app marketplace to purchase different products.

Sign up for Bitwalking here

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8. Sweatcoin: App That Pay you For Walking

This app has based itself on its unique motivational name. The app motivates its users from different running and walking. The app then gives its users sweat coins which they may use for purchasing different products and even donate them for charity.

Sign up for Sweatcoin here

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9. Fit Potato App: Get Paid to Walk

Fit Potato App

This is one of those apps that doesn’t go daily but rather focuses on targets on a weekly basis. Fit Potato app gives certain targets to its users which they must complete within a week after which they are rewarded with a weekly reward. The reward is generally prize money and if one is the only player to win the reward, he/she takes all the money.

Sign up for TheFit Potato here

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10. BetterPoint Apps: App that Actually Pay you for Walking

This app is yet another app that rewards users for healthy activities such as running, walking, and exercising. The points that you earn after completing the process can be used to purchase gift cards or make other forms of charity.

Sign up for BetterPoint here

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11. Lucky Step app: App that Pay you for Walking

Lucky Step app

This app is another app that allows you to earn money through your walking steps. This app has several opportunities where one can earn walking tasks and earn money points which can be used for different transactions within the marketplace.

Sign up for Lucky Step App here

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Things to remember for Earn money by Walking in India

  1. Many apps can get you coins to earn which might have a value in their marketplace. Such coins that come within these fitness apps should not be mistaken for real money as their value differs greatly from theirs.
  2. Fitness apps might be very encouraging if one looks to earn money through them. However, one should not solely rely on these apps to get an income.
  3. One should carefully share all the personal details and even location while going for these apps.

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Which app pays for walking in India?

Many apps like StepBet, Lifecoin and Sweatcoin pay you for walking.

Does Sweatcoin really pay you to walk?

Yes, the Sweatcoin app does pay you for walking.

Does the Lucky Step app pay?

Yes, the Lucky Step does give you points that can be redeemed by you in the marketplace.

What is the 10000 Walking app?

The 10000 Walking is an app that counts your steps based on the steps that you have taken using a pedometer. This app simply syncs with your other fitness apps to give you the status of your workout

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