Undeniably, being a housewife is one of the most thankless jobs in the world. It’s harsh and brutal to digest but also the sheer truth. Like any salaried person, a housewife relentlessly, dedicatedly, and selflessly from dusk to dawn but neither gets any pay nor any appreciation even from her dearest family members. 

We used to live in a world where only those people who earn bread and butter for family got valued. Despite bone-crunching hard work and taking impeccable care of every family member’s needs and wants, the only things a housewife used to get were despair and flaws in her work. 

Now the table has turned completely. All kudos to the enticing Internet technology and the emergence of a myriad of online work opportunities, the share of working women or housewives in the global workforce has grown exponentially and dramatically. Even the Top Blue Chip and S&P 500 companies offer online work from home jobs for housewives that not only pay handsome but also give a golden chance to housewives to become independent.

The ultimate purpose of this blog post is to state the best work opportunities for housewives and part time work from home jobs for housewives that allow them to give wings to their dreams again and become financially independent. Let’s get started!

Major Advantages of Work from Home Jobs for Housewives

If multitasking is an art, a housewife is Piccaso of it. Housewives are blessed with innate pivotal skills like time management, work management, analytical and critical mindset, and excellent emotional quotient. A work from home job for a housewife is another opportunity to grow and excel in life while becoming financially free. There are numerous advantages of online jobs for housewives that we would like to state for the sake of the homemakers of our country.

  • Earn Money Comfortably: 

Obviously, the first and foremost benefit is earning money from the comfort of their couches. Housewives can earn well and contribute significantly to the home expenses which will ease off financial burden from their partner’s shoulders.

  • Flexibility:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of government online jobs for housewives is work flexibility. Online work from home jobs for housewives come with a work scheduling facility, Housewives can work when they are free from daily chores and give ample time to their work and family.

  • Growth & Development: 

You interact with a lot of talented and skilled people online when you work for an organization. The exchange of knowledge and experiences definitely polishes an individual’s personal and professional skills and develops massive confidence and self-esteem. Amazon work from home jobs for housewives are exemplary examples for our pointer.

  • Meaningful Life:

Work is something that fills a large part of your life. When you work, you add oodles of meaning to your life and broaden your perspective toward everything.

  • Financial Freedom:

By leaps and bounds, the best thing about housewife part time jobs is complete financial freedom. A housewife can learn, earn, and save to a great extent when working from home. It helps her to make well-calculated and smart financial decisions during the time of crisis.

Top 30 Housewife work from home jobs

1. Online Data Entry Work

Data is the new oil or currency. To organize data in an efficacious manner, every organization needs a skilled and analytically expert individual who can utilize the information from the database and jot that down in a document. Online data entry work is one of the best part time work from home jobs for housewives as this job requires the most basic skills to accomplish the task.

  • Skills Needed: Basic knowledge of computers, analytical skills, and typing speed.
  • Income: On average, an individual can earn 10000-12000 per month initially.

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2. Virtual Customer Support Executive

If you are one of those individuals who love to help or assist others, a virtual customer support executive job is definitely for you. Many top-notch organizations seek individuals with brilliant communication skills who can handle their customers’ queries efficiently and professionally, revert to them on time, and strive to create a positive brand image. It is definitely one of the best work opportunities for housewives.

  • Skills Needed: Verbal skills, basic knowledge of computers, and basic knowledge of writing.
  • Income: On average, an individual can earn 15000-20000 per month in this job.

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3. Graphic Designing & Video Editing

Graphic design and video editing

Who would have thought that Graphic designing and video editing would be the most in-demand jobs of the 21st century? Almost every prevailing organization in this world direly needs a creative soul who can create graphics and videos that speak volumes about their brand. If you have a knack for creativity, you can easily land a graphic designing work from home job and earn handsomely.

  • Skills Needed: Creative mindset, knowledge of graphic designing tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Filmora, etc.
  • Income: As a fresher graphic designer, a housewife can earn anywhere between 20000-22000 easily.

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4. Freelance Content Writing

Shout out to all the wordsmiths and voracious readers who love to tell beautifully woven stories by playing with words. Freelance content writing, be it business writing, creative writing, or technical writing, is one of the best online work from home jobs for housewives that require minimum resources to kickstart with. There are a plethora of websites like Witty Pen, pepper content, Fiver, and Upwork that enclose uncountable freelance writing Giggs that pay bloody well.

  • Skills: Creativity, strong knowledge of grammar, writing skills, and basic knowledge of computers.
  • Income: Though there is no limit, an individual can earn up to 30000 initially. 

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5. Online Cooking Classes

Home Based Beauty Salon

Housewives and cooking are two inseparable and indispensable elements. Almost half of the time of housewives is spent cooking delectable meals for loved ones. A housewife can give a shot to paid online cooking classes or run a YouTube channel where she can teach beginner cooking enthusiasts and hone their culinary skills along with earning well.

  • Skills: Excellent cooking skills, verbal skills, marketing and management skills
  • Income: In India, a housewife can easily earn 20000 per month through cooking classes.

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6. Sell Handmade Products Online

Housewives are one of the most ingenious souls. They can literally create the most handy stuff out of nothing. From handmade art pieces to home-cooked food and clothing stuff like curtains or sweaters, a housewife can sell a myriad of handmade products online and earn a fair active income regularly. If you are excellent at creating quality handmade stuff then only this work for housewife at home job is for you.

  • Skills: creativity, marketing, inventory management, ergonomics
  • Income: The starting income from selling handmade products can be anywhere between 25000 to 30000.

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7. Online Tuition Classes

Do you excel in one of the subjects in academics? If yes, here is another work from home job for housewives opportunity for you. Every parent seeks a mature and sagacious teacher who can take perfect care of the academic and overall development of their young tots. Moreover, due to the recent pandemic, more and more parents are looking for highly qualified online tutors who can take care of the academic needs of their kids. It is unquestionably the best part time work for housewife jobs.

  • Skills: Impeccable command of one or more academic subjects, verbal skills, emotional quotient, 
  • Income: The starting income from online tuition classes can be anywhere between 18000 to 22000.

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8. Online Translator

All global organizations look for talented and prudent translators who have good knowledge of different languages and can easily translate a conversation from one language to another. An online translator is one of the finest government online jobs for housewives that pays amazingly and barely breaks a sweat.

  • Skills: Perfect command of one or different languages, excellent communication skills, basic knowledge of computers, writing skills
  • Income: On average, an online translator can earn between 30000 to 35000 per month.

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9. Blogging


Blogging is perhaps the only home employment for housewives with unlimited income potential. You can create a stunning blog on any niche, make it rank on search engines like Google, and monetize traffic via different modes like AdSense, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. 

  • Skills: Digital marketing, SEO, Content writing, knowledge of CMS, research skills
  • Income:  Though income potential is unlimited, a beginner blogger can earn easily around 15000 to 20000 per month.

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10. Home Based Beauty Salon

Home Based Beauty Salon

Finding affordable and varied beauty services can be daunting if there is budget constraint. Many women seek out beauty salons close to home that are reasonably priced. Home-based salons are one of the perfect work from home jobs for housewives if they have the skills to cater requirements. Seeking nearby, budget-friendly salons takes effort but yields quality care without breaking the bank, unlike malls where saloons charge hefty prices.

  • Skills: Knowledge of cosmetics, knowledge of saloon services, communication skills, knowledge of skin type.
  • Income: On average, a home salon owner can rake 25000-35000 easily in India. 

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11. Online Public Relations Representative

Online Public Relations Representative

Numerous small and medium businesses can’t afford a full-time marketing executive or PR agency due to budget constraints. However, roping in a freelance virtual PR representative is a flexible and affordable alternative to handle vital functions like boosting brand visibility and crisis management. With creative thinking, resource management, and communication skills, even modest marketing budgets can perform miracles with the use of outsourced public relations representatives.

  • Skills: communication skills, marketing and research skills, relationship management, writing skills 
  • Income: On average, an online PR executive can easily get 25000-35000 easily in India. 

12. HR Manager

HR Manager

There are a myriad of companies that operate remotely and seek an all-inclusive HR manager to recruit and manage talents for them. If you have an MBA degree in HR, you can easily work as a virtual HR manager for any organization and help them shortlist, grab, and manage the finest industry talents.

  • Skills: Communication skills, talent management, negotiation, and analytical skills.
  • Income: A virtual HR manager can easily rake 40000-5000 per month.

13. Developer or Programmer

Developer or Programmer

At the comfort of your couch, you can build visually breathtaking websites and apps for businesses across the world and earn handsome money. Definitely one of the best Amazon work from home jobs for housewives.

  • Skills: Knowledge of programming languages like C, Python, R, Javascript, HTML, CSS.
  • Income: A web developer can easily earn 50000 to 60000 in India.

14. Website Tester

Website Tester

The key role of a website tester is to find all the bugs that can hamper the quality and performance of a website. If you have excellent technical knowledge, you can become a website tester and improve the user experience of online businesses. Being a website tester is one of the seamless online jobs for housewives.

  • Skills: technical skills, attention to detail, communication skills, organizational skills.
  • Income: A website tester with little to no experience can earn  25000 per month in India.

15. Typing Jobs

Typing Jobs

If you have only basic knowledge of computer operation, online typing jobs are exemplary for you. All you need are an active internet connection, a laptop, and platforms where you can find gigs on typing jobs to earn decent money without any hassle.

  • Skills: basic computer knowledge, basic writing skills, communication skills.
  • Income: A decent online typing job can offer 10000 to 12000 per month to a housewife.

16. Online Assignment Services

Online Assignment Services

As they say, not everything is available on Google. Numerous students from schools and universities seek help online to get their assignment work done perfectly. If you have impeccable command on one of the subjects taught in universities, you can offer online assignment services to students globally and charge a modest to handsome amount in exchange for your expertise. It’s one of the perfect part time work opportunities for housewives.

  • Skills: Command on academic subjects, verbal skills, writing skills, analytical skills
  • Income:  It could be anything between 20000 to 25000 per month depending on expertise and experience.

17. Home Tiffin Services

Home Tiffin Services

Home Tiffin services are one of the jobs that housewives would love to do wholeheartedly. Many working professionals and competitive exam aspirants look for affordable home tiffin services that can provide quality food and save them valuable time which they can invest in other errands. If you know how to cook tangy and lip-smacking food, your home tiffin services will definitely fly high.

  • Skills: Cooking skills, delivery services, management skills
  • Income: A well-established home tiffin service in India can effortlessly earn 30000 to 35000 per month.

18. E-commerce Business

E-commerce Business

If you have any product or service to sell, you can set up an e-commerce business at your home and make a move towards financial freedom. Create a website, list your products and services, and focus on branding to make your brand renowned and give a boost to your sales.

  • Skills: Digital marketing, paid ads, inventory management, branding, communications skills, 
  • Income: A small e-commerce business can earn easily more than 50,000 per month in India.

19. Transcriptionist


Transcription is one of the best entry-level part time work from jobs for housewives where they have to listen to audio recordings like lectures or dictations and type out the exact words they hear. It’s a flexible and perhaps the easiest way to earn extra income, with pay ranging from $15-25 per hour depending on your speed and accuracy. If you are an attentive listener along with commendable typing skills, medical or academic transcription can be a lucrative side gig.

  • Skills: Listening skills, typing skills, basic knowledge of computers, communication skill
  • Income: A freelance transcriber can rake in 20000-25000 per month easily in India.

20. Accountant / Bookkeeper

Accountant / Bookkeeper

You don’t have to be brilliant or pro in accounting to kickstart your bookkeeping job. Even a housewife with basic knowledge of accounting can earn a median salary by managing account books of small to midsize businesses. It’s definitely a lucrative online job for homemakers that is free of intricacies.

  • Skills: Writing, accounting, mathematics, verbal skills
  • Income:  A beginner accountant can earn 15000-25000 seamlessly.

21. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than the marketing of products on numerous digital platforms. If you use a product thoroughly and own digital assets like a blog or Instagram channel where you can promote them unsolicitedly, affiliate marketing can turn out to be one of the most profitable part time housewife jobs with devoting full time.

  • Skills: Digital marketing, graphic designing, writing, marketing, branding
  • Income: An affiliate marketer with decent traffic on the website or social media handles can earn 20000-25000 per month.

22. Personal Secretary

Personal Secretary

A virtual personal secretary is one of the most expeditiously rising jobs in the 21st century. Many top-notch celebrities and business tycoons are packed with super tight schedules and they direly need someone who can take care of their appointments, schedule meetings, and remind them about important dates or meetings. A virtual secretary costs less and takes care of management needs at the comfort of her home.

  • Skills: communication skills, time management skills, attention to details, research skills.
  • Income: A virtual secretary can easily rake in 30000 to 40000 per month.

23. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Are you a housewife with a noteworthy fan following of gigantic social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram? If yes, you already have the most time-savvy work from home jobs for housewives near me. These platforms offer money to influencers on their content as well as an opportunity to endorse numerous brands and earn money seamlessly.

  • Skills: Content creation, graphic designing, web traffic analytics, communication skills, video editing
  • Income: There is no bar for creators though an average creator can bring 15000-20000 at home.

24. Sell Art Work

Sell Art Work

Got your hands on painting, photography, or music creation? As a housewife stuck in monotonous daily chores, you can earn a fortune without compromising a bit on your quality family time by selling your artwork online. There are uncountable platforms prevailing on the web that allow artists to sell their artwork and earn hefty money by sharing a meager commission. An enticing part time work from home job for housewives without any doubt.

  • Skills: artistic skills, communication skills, 
  • Income: No bar for a creative artwork

25. Proofreader


Most media publishing companies and content marketing agencies seek the expertise of a proofreader to make their content perfect and error-free. If you are proficient in English language, proofreading can be an excellent employment for housewives as it barely costs any expense and can be done flexibly. Some organizations pay $20-$30 per hour to professional proofreaders.

  • Skills: writing, reading, grammatical knowledge, communication skills
  • Income: A fresher freelance proofreader can easily get 25000-35000 in India.

26. Peer-to-Peer Lender

If you have capital to invest, Peer-to-peer lending platforms provide a new and seamless way for individuals to earn interest by lending money. As an investor who is a housewife, you can browse loan listings on these sites and select requests to fund based on factors like the borrower’s credit score, loan purpose, and interest rate offered. When you invest in a loan, your money is aggregated with other lenders’ funds to provide the full loan amount to the borrower. In return, you receive principal and interest payments on the note as the borrower repays their loan over time. 

  • Skills: Basic communication knowledge,  capital to invest
  • Income: Income depends on your principal amount

27. Product Reviewer

Product Reviewer

As a housewife, you must be using numerous products like hair oil, shampoo, baby diapers for your little tots, groceries, gizmos, etc. Many platforms allow users to post genuine reviews on the products they use and earn fair money, You can become a product reviewer and post comprehensive and staunch reviews about products you use on a daily basis and can earn decent money by sitting on your couch.

  • Skills: Writing skills, research skills, communication skills,
  • Income: An experienced product reviewer can earn 15000-2000 per month easily.

28. Virtual Realtor

Virtual Realtor

A virtual realtor leverages cutting-edge technology to remotely market and show listed properties without being physically present on site. As a housewife, you can earn an active real estate license and can conduct the core tasks of a realtor entirely online – advertising listings, communicating with clients, coordinating showings, negotiating offers, and guiding buyers through closing. By closing deals, you can rake in monumental commissions and become financially free.

  • Skills: Sales, communication skills, technical knowledge, marketing and management skills, and knowledge of real estate laws.
  • Income: A virtual realtor can seamlessly earn 50000-60000 per month by selling mid-size properties.

29. Voiceover


If you are the master of voice modulation, you can carve a glittering career in the domain of voiceover and earn decent money without mixing your personal and professional lives. Voice-over artists are high in demand!

  • Skills: voice-over set, knowledge of computer and voice editing, communication skills
  • Income: A professional freelancer voiceover artist can rake 30,000 per month easily in India.

30.  Telephone Nurse

Telephonic Nurse

If you are a homemaker who is also a Registered nurse, you can utilize your medical expertise through remote work in health insurance and care management roles. Telehealth nursing positions involve treatment authorization, case management, utilization review, and patient education. Working remotely for a noteworthy care management company allows them to apply their clinical knowledge via phone and online support and earn substantial money in return.

  • Skills: medical knowledge, computer knowledge, communication skills, emotional quotient, attention to patients.
  • Income: A telephone nurse can earn anywhere between 25000 to 30000 per month in India.

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