Earn 500 Rs per Day: The Internet is full of opportunities and you can easily make 500 rupees daily in India. In these digital times where everything is one click away or you can say “Ok Google”. You can make money online easily at your own convenience.

But in the sea of the Internet where so many boats of opportunities are waiting, there are plenty of phishing schemes that might be waiting for you as well. So to save you from the trouble and all the surfing, we are here with our best 11 ways to make Rs 500 daily without investment in India. All you need is to have a smartphone or laptop and the Internet. 

Here are our top 11 ways to earn Rs 500 daily in India without any investment. 

Top 11 Ways to earn 500 Rs Per Day in 2024

1. Online Gaming Earning App – Fantasy Khiladi Ludo

Fantasy Khiladi ludo

We start with the most fun and exciting way to earn 500 Rupees, and that is online gaming. In the last few years, the craze of online gaming has increased not only in the world but in India too. India has recorded the most active gaming users daily in the world. 

You can easily earn 500 Rs daily while playing on this Online gaming platform. One of the easiest and most exciting online games is the Fantasy Khiladi Ludo app. It is easy to download and also gives you a sign-up bonus with four modes of ludo including the classic one. You can earn more than 500 Rs daily on the Fantasy Khiladi Ludo app while playing with your friends and family. So, without wasting your time download the app through below link.

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2. Sell Pictures To Make Money

Earn 500 rupees daily by selling your pictures

Selling pictures is another way to earn 500 Rs daily. You can sell pictures from your art, a sky full of clouds, pics taken from traveling, or aesthetic food. You can even sell your feet pictures on websites like Feetify, FeetFinder, and DollarFeet. Or if you are a photographer or love to take pics from your smartphone you can sell your original pics on Shutterstock, Instagram, Getty, and Adobe Stock. There are many jobs posted daily on the freelancing website like Fiverr. You can sell your pictures there as well and make more than just Rs 500. 

3. Become A Virtual Assistant And Earn Money

Earn 500 rupees per day as virtual assitant

We use AI virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa in our daily lives. However, some businesses like to go with a virtual human assistant. And here you fit in the picture, by becoming a virtual assistant you can earn money more than just Rs 500. 

The virtual assistant job is purely based on remote and you can do it while working from your home. Some of the common tasks of a virtual assistant are answering emails, transcribing documents, preparing statements and letters, organizing files, coordinating schedules and calendars, and making travel arrangements for their clients. Famous Virtual assistant websites are Zirtual, Uassistme, and 123employee. 

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4. Online Surveys To Earn Money

Earn 500 rupees daily by online surveys

Online surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn Rs 500 daily. All you have to do is answer some questions and Ta Da! You will have your reward in your wallet of PayPal which you can transfer directly to your bank account. Some of these surveys are only 10 minutes long. You can finish 3-4 surveys daily in your free time and earn Rs 500 or more daily.  

5. Test Websites And Apps And Get Paid

If you are someone who likes to try new websites and apps this one is for you. You can try Beta apps or websites and try them out before they get published. In exchange for testing these apps and websites, you have to give them your feedback and your honest reviews. Websites like UserTesting offer $10 for a 10-minute survey. Test 2-3 websites and you can earn way more than just Rs 500 a day. 

6. Write Blog To Earn Money

Earn 500 rupees per day by writing blog

If you are a passionate writer or good at essays, writing then you can easily earn Rs 500 daily. Writing a blog is the best way to earn daily Rs 500. You can start your writing blog on WordPress or Medium and join its partner program to earn money. The good part about writing a blog is that it’s a passive income which you only write once and it will give you an earning based on the engagement and impressions on your blog (Partner Program Guide – Medium Help Center). To increase engagement on your writing blog you can share your blog on different social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and X Twitter. One of the most effective methods to enhance your blog’s visibility is by sharing images on Pinterest.

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7. Read Books And Earn Money

earn 500 rupees daily by reading books

If reading is your passion then welcome to the club of Read Books and Earn Rs 500 daily or more in some cases. You can simply read books from your favorite genre and can earn money by reviewing these books. We have top 10 ideas to make money from reading books. You can check out more ideas to earn while reading.  

8. Refer And Earn Money Online 

earn 500 rupees by refer and earn

If any one of the ideas we have mentioned above is way too much. Then you will adore this one. If you are not an enthusiast of books, photos, trying new apps. Then you can simply refer and earn money online. There are so many refer and earn apps including games, UPI apps, and mobile recharge that simply give you money when you refer their app to your friends and family. It is best if your contact list has so many numbers. It is the most easiest and efficient way to daily earn 500 Rupees by sharing your referral code or link with your friends. 

9. Watch Video And Earn Money 

If you are fond of YouTube videos and spend hours watching them for free just for fun. Well, we are here to tell a secret you can earn money while watching and enjoying funny videos. Many apps give you money or points for watching videos like Swagbucks, TaskBucks, and Viggle. Even Netflix and YouTube hire people all the time to watch the videos for authentic recommendations. You can simply enjoy the video and and make Rs 500 daily.   

10. Earn 500 Rupees From Stock Market

Earn 500 rupees per day by investing in stocks

Stock and share market are the easiest ways to earn Rs 500 to Rs 1000 daily. To make money using stock market you need to gain knowledge of the stocks and how to invest in the stock market. Stocks and share markets can be risky so it is advised to make a very small investment in different-different companies. It will lower your financial risks and can make you more Rs 500 daily.  

Here are the best Telegram channels for the stock market where you can easily learn about the stock market and what is going on currently. These telegram channels post updated live information and help you to learn which one will benefit you. 

11. Earn Money From Smartphone

All the ways we talked about earlier could be possible with your smartphone phone as well. Smartphone is undeniably a necessary tool in our day-to-day lives. It’s not like can’t live without our phones but it is an unimaginable thing to do. According to a survey, the average phone screen time per day in India is almost 8 hours. So if you are spending that much time in front of your phone why not use it for making money? There are so many apps on PlayStore or an Apple Store that give you plenty of apps where you can earn daily rewards or points which can later be turned into money. 

These are the best 11 ways to make money in India more than just Rs 500 a day. So use your screen time wisely and make Rs 500 daily using any of the ideas.  

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