The digital age of today is being gifted with various ways to make money online. Many Indians are turning to the Internet to supplement their wages or even to make a full-time living. While there are plenty of websites on the internet, there are some lesser-known web platforms that offer unique and legitimate opportunities for online earnings. Beyond the well-known avenues of income, several websites hold the potential to help you earn a substantial income online. Let’s check out into the ten best secret websites to make money online (Worldwide and nationally) that offer numerous opportunities. Whether you are looking for substantial income or a side earning, these platforms can help you enhance your financial success. 

Best Secret Websites To Make Money in 2024

1. Teachable (Worldwide): Secret Website to Make Money Online

teachable is currently secret website to make money online

Category: Online Course Creation

Teachable is a global platform that allows users to build and sell online courses, and digital downloads, and offer coaching. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface makes it an excellent platform for beginners. The amount of money that you can earn through this website depends upon various factors such as the quality of your courses, demand for your services, and the amount of time utilized to promote it.

Expected Earning:

According to Teachable, users who are full-time content creators on this website earn up to $10,000 monthly by selling a mix of courses, digital products, and coaching making it one of the most reputable secret websites to make money online for educators worldwide.

Pros and Cons:

This website offers a platform for creating and selling online courses, making it an easy-to-access- website for both beginners and experienced educators.
Users have a full right to customize their sales pages, website, and course content offering it a personalized professional look.
Advanced features and customized features on teachable are available to users at high prices.
This platform charges transaction fees on each sale of the instructor affecting the profitability that the course gained.  

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2. Etsy (Worldwide): Secret Website to Make Money Online

Etsy trusted secret websites to earn money online in 2023

Category: E-commerce platform and online marketplace

Etsy is an online global marketplace that connects independent handicraft creators and buyers worldwide looking for unique and handmade items. The platform offers a wide range of products such as clothing, home decor, toys, art, and more. So if you are into crafts or Vintage collectibles then Etsy is the right place for you! It is renowned for its user-friendly interface and offers payment options such as debit and credit cards, Etsy gift cards, or Google Pay making it one of the excellent secret websites to make money online. You can sign up on this platform for free and create your shop to sell your products to a global audience.

Expected Earning:

Most Etsy sellers earn an average amount of $200 or more per month depending upon various factors.

Pros and Cons:

Setting up an Etsy shop is relatively simple making it accessible for small-scale sellers, beginners, or the ones with limited technical skills.
⇒ Etsy has a feature that allows its users to personalize their shop to their style, creating a more personalized shopping experience for its audiences and reflecting their style.  
Etsy follows a periodical- update mode regarding its fees and policies. It affects the sellers as they toil with adjusting to new business strategies now and then. 
⇒ Users at etsy are limited to the Etsy ecosystem and might not get full access to the brand as compared to an entire .commerce website.

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3. Twitch (Worldwide): Hidden Website to Make Money Online

Twitch is best secret website to make money with mobile

Category: Gaming-related and more.

Are you a fabulous gamer? Are you gifted with exceptional video gaming skills? then Twitch is a platform made solely for you! Streamers can sign up for free and create their channels to broadcast themselves playing video games, discussing gaming news, and engaging with their fans in real-time. It adds its name to one of the most used secret websites to make money online. This platform provides opportunities for gamers to monetize their content through paid subscriptions, donations, and ads making it a satisfactory hub for content creators, gaming enthusiasts, and esports communities. 

Expected Earning:

The amount of money that you can earn through this website can earn an average of $ 3000 – $ 5000 per month depending upon various factors making it one of the most appreciated secret websites to make money online without investment. 

Pros and Cons

The primary focus of Twitch is live streaming which enables its content creators to have real-time interaction with the audience. 
⇒ Twitch is renowned for offering useful tools that help streamers succeed including, moderation tools, and third-party – integration services. 
Due to the highly competitive environment of Twitch, it becomes difficult for new streamers to gain visibility.
⇒ Twitch users are bound to maintain a consistent streaming schedule to meet the viewer’s expectations which can lead to burnout.

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4. Ludo Bheem (National): Secret Website to Make Money Online

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo best earning sites

Category: Games and news updates

Are you a diehard fan of Ludo? Are you in search of a suitable pastime that involves your favorite board game in a virtual format? Look no further, as Fantasy Khiladi Ludo app is the right platform for you! It is a popular online gaming app that offers an extraordinary gaming experience along with suitable cash prizes without investment. You would also get to learn more about the strategies, guidelines, and ways to be a flawless virtual ludo player, making your gaming experience more entertaining.

Expected Earning:

According to Fantasy Khiladi, users have earned up to ₹ 10000 or more per year making it one of the most suitable secret gaming websites to make money online for cricket enthusiasts. 

Pros and Cons:

Fantasy Khiladi offers you a diverse platform entailing both gaming news updates and prediction facilities. This can help the users to remain updated with the latest happenings in the world of cricket along with the pleasure of gaming.
Team creation features can help users to test their knowledge of sport and player performance.
⇒ This online gaming platform can be addictive, that can tempt its users to spend excessive amounts of time and money.
⇒ Inexperienced users might not be able to compete against experienced players in the game.

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5. Cliqly: Secret Website to Make Money Online

Cliqly Secrete Websites to Earn Money Online

Category: Email Marketing Platform 

Cliqly is an email marketing platform where you can earn by sending emails. Don’t worry about your short contact list. Because Cliqly will give 5000 free email subscribers on your first sign-up bonus. You’re also guided through the whole process which makes it even simpler and easy for you. All you have to do is select a pre-written draft email and send it to your subscribers. 

If your subscribers click on the affiliate marketing links then you will get 10% of the link. You can also earn 100% commission when your friend uses your referral code and upgrade their account. 

Expected Earning: You can easily earn a solid 10% of the link clicked by the user. Depending on how many clicks your emails get, you can earn between $130 to $140 per day. 

Pros & Cons:

⇒ Cliqly is an easy platform for email marketing. 
⇒ You will be guided throughout the whole process. There is no need to worry about how to write an email because it comes with pre-written email drafts. 
⇒You have to send tons of emails daily in order to build subscribers.  
⇒ For more pre-written drafts you have to upgrade your plans. To enhance your email marketing game. 

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6. Secret Website to Make Money Online

Veed Secrete Websites to Earn Money

Category: Free Video Making Platform Using AI is a fantastic video-making website using AI(Artificial Intelligence) You can literally use this website for free while using other people’s voices to read your text in different accents British or American. It is a useful website for content creator who wants to create a video for their different social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

You can create your first video for free and can create more than a 10-minute-long video project. 

Expected Earning: is a great AI website that allows you to create video content for your audience on different social media platforms. The earnings vary depending on the content you create using However, you can save a lot of money on rather than using other websites ask to join Premium to use their tools.  

Pros & Cons:

⇒ Easy to create a video for every possible social media platform. 
⇒ Different categories for different occasions to create professional-looking videos like birthdays, anniversaries, YouTube, Instagram, ads, animations, etc. 
⇒ It is a free video-making website using AI. You can not make money on this platform but only create content for your other money-earning platforms. 
⇒ To upgrade the storage, subtitle limit (30 min/m), remove the watermark or upload limit. You need to buy its premium plans. 

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7. Sweatcoin: Secret Website to Make Money Online

Sweatcoin Secrete Websites to make money online

Category: Health and Fitness, Activity app

Sweatcoin is an activity tracker app that offers money and rewards in exchange for exercise. Sweatcoin tracks your day-to-day steps and rewards you with sweatcoin. These sweatcoins can be redeemed into gift cards, products,  or cash. 

Expected Earning: It depends on how much you exercise and walk. You can double your earnings for every step while joining Sweatcoins premium membership.   

Pros & Cons :

⇒ You can use your Sweatcoins to buy cool products or donate to charity. 
⇒ The main goal of Sweatcoins is to make you healthy plus you can earn cash cash. 
⇒You have to do a lot of exercise to get paid.  
⇒ To maximize the results you need to buy their premium membership. 

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8. : Secret Website to Make Money Online

Qmee Secrete Websites to Make money

Category: Search Engine Website

Qmee is a secret website that gives money for searching online. In our day-to-day lives, we use browsers for everything to search for food, cooking recipes, study material, news, articles, etc. Qmee is a great app that offers money for the simple easy task we do every day for free. You can get paid for anything on the Qmee for searching topics, downloading apps, visiting different websites, and much more.  

Expected Earning: Earnings on Qmee depend on how much you use the Qmee app. Qmee paid more than $45 million to its daily users. 

Pros & Cons:

⇒ Qmee is an easy browser to earn money while using a browser. You can earn different points for different tasks. 
⇒ You can also complete surveys and earn money on 
⇒ It is a good app, however many user complains about surveys taking too long.

9. Wrapify: Secret Website to Make Money Online

Wrapify Secrete Websites to Make money online

Category: Advertising Platform using Cars

If you have a car and drive it daily. Well, Wrapify is for you. Wrapify is a new way to earn while driving on your daily commute every day. It is an app that allows you to wrap your car and pays you for how much drive. It is as easy as that.

To do this sign up and make an account on Wrapify. Now wait for advertisers’ offers in your area. You will be notified by Wrapify in advance before the advertising campaign starts. This means there’s enough time to wrap your car with ads. And that’s it! Drive around your car in the campaign zone. The more you drive the more you will get paid. 

Expected Earning: The Wrapify can give you a chance to earn $200 to $400 in a month just for driving your car. 

Pros & Cons :

⇒ Easy signup process and there is no hassle giving any proof as it tracks your car in the campaign Zone. 
⇒ This app is best for the driver or for those who cover daily long commutes. 
⇒ You have to wait for an advertiser in your selected geo-location area.  
⇒ Sometimes it takes longer than expected especially if no advertisers select your location for marketing their products. 

10. TranscribeMe: Secret Website to Make Money Online

TranscribeMe Secrete Website to make money online

Category: Translate Audio into Text  

If you are a good listener and have some typing skills then this next secret website is for you. Transcribe is an amazing website that pays you more than $20 for 1 hour audio file into text. It is a great way to earn in your free time while listening to audio/video files and translating them into text.

Expected Earning: You can easily earn $60-$100 for translating audio into text. For 1-hour audio translation, TranscribeMe pays $22 which you can easily withdraw using PayPal.   

Pros & Cons:

⇒ Easy way to earn money by translating audio files into text.  ⇒ You have to be a good listener with some amazing typing skills. 

11. Remotive

Remotive Secrete Websites to Make money online

Category: Find Remote Jobs  

Working remotely is the best pursuit of happiness which gives one the freedom of choice to work anywhere and anytime. No doubt many freelancing websites out there like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. But all these websites have thousands of applicants for one job. is our next secret website discovery that can solve this problem. 

Here you can find top remote IT jobs from the big hiring companies including Shopify, Square, zapier, and Stripe. On REmotive you will find jobs like Software development, QA, Customer Service, Design, Marketing, and the list goes on and on. Remotive team also helps you with daily job tips blogs, webinars, Digital Nomad Visa, and many more.

Expected Earning: Remotive is worldwide based so you can get $30k to $100k depending on the jobs.    

Pros & Cons :

⇒ Easy to find remote jobs in big IT brand company 
 ⇒ Low competition, means a higher chance of getting your desired jobs⇒ Work remotely and earn on an hourly basis
⇒ Get a premium account membership to unlock advanced AI job search and additional remote jobs

12. Rumble 

Rumble Secrete Websites to Make money online

Category: Video Platform Website  

If you want to be a YouTuber but it’s hard to get subscribers or you are hustling for views. Then we have another secret video platform for you! is a fantastic initiative for all the new video creators where you can earn $100 if your video gets to the Home page. is just like YouTube where you can upload your video and share your creativity with the 44 million daily viewers. Rumble is also partnered up with big music video streaming company MTV the biggest gaming house Xbox and the search engine Yahoo. Upload your videos and get ready to earn with 

Expected Earning: If your video gets approved by one of the Rumble partners then you will get a $50. Earnings will increase with every view and if it makes it to the Rumble’s Home page then you will get an extra $100 reward.    

Pros & Cons:

⇒ Rumble has less censorship so users can be less worried about suppressing their content on the platform.
⇒ Variety of monetization offers.
⇒ Rumble is a rapidly growing video platform.
⇒ Rumble has fewer features in comparison to YouTube.
⇒ It is still a smaller platform and a fewer viewers than YouTube.

13. Seconds To None

Second to none Secrete Websites to Make money online

Category: Shopping and Rewards  

Who doesn’t like shopping, especially when you get paid for sharing your insights? Seconds to None is the secret website that will reward you for shopping or dining out with your paramour or hangout buddies. 

Seconds To None is a mystery shopping website service that works for many hospitality firms like diners, hotels, retailers shops, etc. Seconds To None assigned you many locations where you can go and do your mundane deeds like shopping and dining. At last, they ask for your detailed feedback to rate the facility for customer services, cleanliness, and overall establishment. Isn’t it great to earn extra by enjoying your daily chores or simply enjoying food with your loved ones. 

Expected Earning: If your video gets approved by one of the Rumble partners then you will get a $50. Earnings will increase with every view and if it makes it to the Rumble’s Home page then you will get an extra $100 reward.    

Pros & Cons:

⇒Shopping assignments based on your convenience and flexibility
⇒ Earn extra income by shopping 
⇒ An honest feedback improves customer services for the future. 
⇒ Poor Customer care support according to many user review websites.   

14. Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire Secrete Websites to Make money online

Category: Survey and rewards  

Surveys are one of the ways to earn a side hustle offered by many websites and apps. Let us tell you about one more secret survey website Idle-Empire. This is one of the easiest websites you can simply sign up on your mobile phone and start earning points by completing various tasks like taking surveys,  playing games, watching videos, testing software, etc. 

You can easily cash out your money in the form of Bitcoins, or cryptocurrencies. Or directly withdraw your rewards to your bank account using PayPal or other debit/credit card options. 

Expected Earning: Every time you complete a task you will get $0.10 and can withdraw. Multiple withdrawal options for many countries.    

Pros & Cons:

⇒Multiple ways to earn money by completing simple tasks 
⇒ Different withdrawal options according to your convenience 
⇒ Confusing point system and a conversion rate 
 ⇒The bonus rewards only extend among the top 3 earns. Rest will get none. 

15. Rover

Rover Secrete Websites to Make money online

Category: Online Platform for Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers

Are you an animal lover? Do you like to go on a walk with a dog or want to be a sitter for a cute orange cat? Then Rover is for you. It is an online platform that connects pet owners with pet sitters or dog walkers in the neighborhood.   

On Rover, you can easily get connected with pet owners and can find a new friend for hours to take good care of. While Rover takes care of all your business schedules, payments, and scheduling the next jobs. 

Expected Earning: You can earn up to $1000 by just walking the dog on the street or in a nice park. You can even double your income depending on how frequently you get jobs.      

Pros & Cons:

⇒Good for animal lovers 
⇒ Get a job in your neighborhood. 
⇒ Rover is off-app jobs 
 ⇒Based on many user reviews, not good in terms of customer support

FAQs About Secret Websites to Make Money

Which site is the best for making money online?

In the digital era, YouTube is the best site to make money online. It is a popular video-sharing platform that allows creators of all backgrounds and nationalities to monetize their creative skills. 

How do I earn real money online?

Various secure e-commerce and gaming websites like Etsy, Meesho, Fantasy Khiladi, and Zupee can make you earn real money online. 

What’s the secret to making money online?

Many online websites such as EarnKro, YouTube, Fantasy Khiladi, Shutterstock, and Upwork can help you earn money online.

Can you make $100 a day online?

Platforms like Shutterstock, Zupee, Fantasy Khiladi, and Etsy can help you earn $100 every day.

How can I earn 500 rs per day?

Sites like YouTube, Fantasy Khiladi, Fiverr, Upwork, RummyCircle, and Zupee can earn you Rs 500 every day.

How to make 1000 rs per day online?

Freelancing, gaming, and photography websites like Fiverr, Shutterstock, RummyCircle, Fantasy Khiladi, and Upwork can help you earn 1000 rs every day.

As the FK Team at, we specialize in crafting engaging content on earning apps like Ludo, Rummy, Teen Patti, Poker, alongside innovative money-making and business ideas. Plunge into our expert analysis to uncover innovative earning opportunities.

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