Are you ready to find an easy and fun way to make some money online? If you enjoy watching videos, you’re in for a treat because this blog is about to introduce you to an exciting opportunity!

The internet has many ways to help you earn extra income, and one of the most popular and profitable methods is by watching videos to make money online without spending any of your own. The best part? It won’t cost you a thing! That’s right – you can earn rewards just by doing something you love.

Gone are the days when videos were solely for entertainment. Now, they can also be a source of real cash! In our blog, we’ll share the top websites that can transform your free time into a rewarding experience.

11 Websites to Watch Video & Earn Money

Watch & Earn Money AppRatings (out of 5)Total Downloads (estimated)
Nielsen Computer and Mobile4.11M+
App Trailers4.4500K+
Roz Dhan3.3100K+

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1. Swagbucks: Earn Rewards for Watching Videos

swagbacks watch video and earn money online

Swagbucks is a widely recognized and trusted platform that offers various opportunities to earn rewards without investment, including the option to daily watch videos and earn money without investment. With its user-friendly interface and an extensive library of video content, Swagbucks provides a seamless experience for users at all levels of expertise. By creating an account and exploring their diverse video selection, you can start earning points known as Swagbucks (SB) effortlessly. These SB can be redeemed for gift cards or even cash via PayPal, making Swagbucks a fantastic option for those looking to make money by watching videos on a regular basis

Features of SwagBucks: Earn Rewards for Watching Videos

  1. Diverse Earning Methods: SwagBucks offers multiple ways to earn, from simple web searches and playing games to viewing special offers and signing up for services.
  2. Legitimacy: Contrary to initial impressions, SwagBucks is a genuine platform. Users have redeemed their points for real rewards like Amazon and iTunes gift cards over the years.
  3. SwagBucks TV Mobile: Their Android app allows users to earn points by watching a variety of videos, including movie trailers, game teasers, and comedy clips.
  4. Partnered Offers: SwagBucks collaborates with, rewarding users 10 bucks for every redeemed grocery coupon. Plus, you can trade in old electronics like cell phones and MP3 players for bucks.
  5. Browser Integration: SwagBucks offers toolbars and plug-ins for browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. These tools enhance your earning potential every time you search the web.

How much can you earn with Swagbucks?

On an average day, a Swagbucks member might earn between $1 to $5, which means yearly earnings could range from $365 to $1,825. Some special offers might bump up your earnings between $50 to $250, but typically, daily gains are around the $1 to $5 mark.

App Insights

Launched In2013NA
Required Version9 and upiOS 13.1 or later

2. InboxDollars: Earn Cash by Watching Videos

inboxdollar earn money by watching videos

InboxDollars is another highly popular website that offers the opportunity to daily watch videos and earn money online. With a wide range of video categories to choose from, InboxDollars ensures that there is something for everyone’s interests. As you watch videos on this platform, you accumulate earnings that can be redeemed for cash payments or gift cards. Additionally, InboxDollars provides various other opportunities to earn money, such as participating in surveys, playing games, and more, making it a versatile and rewarding platform for online earners. So, if you’re looking to earn money without investment by simply watching videos and ads, InboxDollars is a fantastic watch video and make money app to consider.

Features of InboxDollars: Earn Rewards for Watching Videos

  1. Daily Video Content: InboxDollars offers a regular stream of video content that users can watch to earn rewards. This content varies and is frequently updated.
  2. Flexible Earning Potential: Earnings are not just dependent on the length of the videos. The number of ads viewed and any additional activities or bonuses the platform offers can influence the amount you earn.
  3. Additional Activities: Beyond watching videos, InboxDollars may offer supplementary tasks or activities in conjunction with videos to increase earning opportunities.
  4. Transparent Earnings: The platform clearly indicates potential earnings for each video, making it easier for users to choose the content they want to watch based on their earning goals.
  5. Varied Video Categories: InboxDollars provides videos across multiple genres, catering to a wide range of user interests, from entertainment and news to advertisements and more.

How much can you earn with InboxDollars?

On average, watching videos on InboxDollars can net users between $0.30 to $0.60 daily. However, the exact amount may fluctuate depending on factors like video length, the number of ads viewed, and other bonus opportunities presented by the platform.

App Insights

Inbox DollarsAndroidIOS
Launched In2013NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 11.0 or later

3. MyPoints: Watch Videos and Earn Points

mypoints watch video and earn money online

MyPoints is a reputable rewards platform that allows users to earn money by watching videos without investment. The platform boasts a vast selection of video categories, catering to a diverse range of interests. By simply watching videos on MyPoints, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards or even cash. With its user-friendly interface and extensive video library, MyPoints presents an enjoyable and profitable way for get paid to watch videos. So, if you’re looking to earn money by watching videos and get rewarded for your time spent on engaging content, MyPoints is the perfect platform to explore.

Features of MyPoints: Watch Videos and Earn Points

  1. Expansive Video Library: MyPoints boasts a comprehensive collection of videos across various categories, ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s taste.
  2. Simple Earning Mechanism: By merely watching videos, users can accumulate points. The platform often provides clear guidelines on how many points each video or set of videos can earn.
  3. Multifaceted Platform: Apart from videos, MyPoints offers other ways to earn, such as taking surveys, shopping online, or reading emails. This variety ensures users have multiple streams to accumulate points.
  4. Rewards Redemption: Points earned by watching videos and other activities can be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards to popular retailers, travel miles, or even cash through PayPal.
  5. Bonus Opportunities: MyPoints often presents bonus tasks or challenges, allowing users to earn extra points by watching a specific set of videos or completing additional activities.
Launched In2014NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 11.0 or later

How much can you earn with MyPoints by watching videos?

The earning potential varies based on the length and category of the video. However, consistently watching videos and combining this with other activities on MyPoints can help users gather a significant number of points over time, which can then be exchanged for valuable rewards.

4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile: Passive Earning through Video Watching

Nielsen Computer and Mobile watch video and make money online

Nielsen Computer and Mobile is a unique platform that allows you to get paid to watch videos online passively and earn money while sharing your online activity data. By installing the Nielsen app on your device, you become part of a panel that helps companies gain valuable insights into consumer behavior. In addition to earning rewards for watching videos, you contribute to important market research. Nielsen Computer and Mobile offers a seamless way to earn money by watching videos online while making a valuable contribution to the digital landscape. So, if you’re looking to get paid for watching videos and participate in meaningful market research, Nielsen Computer and Mobile is the perfect watch ads and earn money app.

App Insights

Nielsen AndroidIOS
Launched In20232023
Ratings4/5 3.8
Required Version6.0 and upiOS 12.0 or later

5. PrizeRebel: Earn Cash, Gift Cards, and More

PrizeRebel earning money through videos and ads

PrizeRebel is a well-established survey and rewards platform that allows watch ads and earn money. It provides multiple avenues for earning money, including their extensive selection of videos. By simply watching videos and engaging with ads on PrizeRebel, you can earn points that are redeemable for cash, gift cards, or even cryptocurrencies. Moreover, PrizeRebel offers daily challenges and bonuses, enabling you to maximize your earnings over time. Whether you’re interested in taking surveys, watching videos, or participating in other activities, PrizeRebel presents a rewarding platform to earn some extra income. So, if you want to get paid to watch videos and ads while earning rewards, PrizeRebel is the ideal platform to explore.

Features of PrizeRebel

  1. Varied Survey Values: PrizeRebel provides an array of surveys with a wide span of values. Whether it’s a quick survey offering 16 cents or a more in-depth one for $4.70, users have options to choose based on their preferences. On average, successfully completed surveys can yield around 59 cents.
  2. Optimal Survey Times: For users in the U.S. and Canada, the best time to engage in surveys is between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. While weekends might offer fewer surveys, Sundays in particular usually have the lowest offerings.
  3. Attention Checks: To maintain the quality and integrity of responses, PrizeRebel incorporates “attention check” questions within surveys. These act as a gauge to ensure that users are genuinely engaged and not just mechanically ticking off answers.
  4. Accurate Time Estimations: PrizeRebel stands out for its precision in estimating survey completion times. Users can be reassured that most surveys won’t take longer than the indicated time, with only a few exceptions.
  5. Cash-Out Flexibility: PrizeRebel prides itself on its numerous cash-out options, allowing users to make the most of their earnings. Their standout feature is the custom amount PayPal cash-out, ensuring users can withdraw every single cent they’ve amassed.

Pros of Using PrizeRebel: PrizeRebel stands out with its vast inventory of surveys, efficient filtering options based on point value and required time, and various lucrative cash-out methods, ensuring users get value for their time.

PrizeRebel AndroidIOS
Launched In2007NA
Ratings4.1/5  NA
Required Version6.0 and upNA

6. iRazoo: Watch Videos and Complete Surveys

irazoo earn money by watching videos

iRazoo is an innovative platform that rewards users for watching ads for money, playing games, and completing surveys. By engaging with videos and ads on iRazoo, you accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift cards from popular retailers. The platform also provides daily points goals and bonuses, keeping you motivated and increasing your earning potential. With its diverse range of activities and user-friendly interface, iRazoo offers an engaging way to earn money online. So, if you’re looking to watch ads for money and participate in other fun activities to earn rewards, iRazoo is the perfect app for earn money by watching videos online.

  1. Diverse Earning Opportunities: iRazoo allows users to earn points through a variety of methods such as completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even browsing the web.
  2. Referral Program: iRazoo has a referral system wherein users can invite friends to join the platform. When a referral earns points, the user who referred them also earns a percentage of those points.
  3. Daily Goals and Bonuses: The platform often provides daily tasks or goals. When a user achieves these daily objectives, they can earn bonus points, boosting their overall earnings.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: iRazoo is known for its easy-to-navigate design, making it simple for users to find and participate in activities that interest them.
  5. Variety of Redemption Options: Once users accumulate enough points, they can redeem them for popular gift cards from retailers like Amazon or Walmart. Alternatively, they can also choose to get cash through PayPal.

7. FusionCash : Watch Video and Earn Money

fusioncash watch videos and earn money

FusionCash is an excellent rewards website that provides a simple and easy way to daily watch videos and earn money online. You can effortlessly accumulate earnings by watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping. The platform is user-friendly, making the process of earning money enjoyable and convenient for everyone. Plus, you have the flexibility to redeem your earnings for attractive gift cards or opt for cash rewards, whichever suits your preferences best. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to earn money online by watching videos and engaging in various activities, FusionCash is the perfect platform for you.

8. Watch2Earn

watch2earn watch video and earn money

Watch2Earn is an interactive platform that lets you earn money by watching ads and videos online. It’s easy to use – just complete simple tasks and engage with sponsored content to accumulate rewards quickly. With a wide range of video categories to choose from, you can enjoy a seamless user experience while earning real money. Start watching and earning today with Watch2Earn! It’s a fantastic opportunity to make money by watching ads and videos in a fun and straightforward way.

Launched In2023NA
Required Version6.0 and upNA

9. CashTube

CashTube is a dynamic platform that offers an exciting way to earn money by watching ads for money. With its intuitive interface, you can easily browse through a diverse collection of videos and earn cash rewards. The more videos you watch, the more money you can accumulate. Experience the thrill of video monetization with CashTube today! It’s a unique and straightforward opportunity to make money by watching ads and videos in an enjoyable and user-friendly manner. Start earning cash rewards with CashTube now!

Launched In2023NA
Ratings3.8/5 NA
Required Version6.0 and upNA

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10. VidCash

VidCash is a trusted platform that allows users to watch videos and earn money without investment online. The website offers a wide range of video content, including entertainment, news, and educational videos. By engaging with these videos, you can earn points that can be converted into cash or other exciting rewards. Join VidCash today and start earning while you watch! It’s a fantastic opportunity to make money by watching videos without any upfront investment. So, don’t miss out on this chance and start earning with VidCash now!

Launched In2023NA
Ratings3.7/5 NA
Required Version6.0 and upNA

11. AdView

adview earn money by watching videos

AdView is a popular website that allows users to earn money by watching ads. By registering on AdView, you gain access to a plethora of ad campaigns from various companies. Watch these ads and earn money with each view. AdView ensures that you have a steady stream of captivating advertisements to watch while monetizing your viewing experience. Here, you can watch videos and earn money online in 2024. It’s a fantastic platform to make money by simply watching ads and engaging with exciting ad campaigns. Start earning with AdView today!

12. App Trailers 

App Trailers is a platform for earning money watching videos of different categories. App Trailer has many categories like DIY videos, newly launched movie trailers, celebrity gossip, trending news, and more. You can enjoy your free time while watching videos and get paid too. What else could be better than this? 

Your reward depends on what kind of videos you watch on App Trailers. This app is designed for your Android devices. However, it isn’t available on the Play Store or Apple Store. To download App Trailers use the third-party website which link is down below.    

App Trailer Android IOS
Launched InNANA
Required Version6.0 and UpNA

13. Roz Dhan 

Roz Dhan offers you multiple tasks in exchange of money like complete quizzes, taking surveys, and laying games. But the most exciting part about Roz Dhan is that you can make money while enjoying videos on this app. You can literally have to do nothing and watch videos until the very end. 

Roz Dhan also gives you a referral bonus of Rs 50 whenever you invite your friends and family. But how much you can earn on Roz Dhan? 

Well, you can earn Rs 200 daily on the Roz Dhan app in 2024 without investing a single dime. 

Roz Dhan AndroidIOS
Last Updated Jan 2024NA
Ratings4.1/5 NA
Required Version6.0 and upNA

14. Taskbucks 

Using Taskbucks, you can earn daily Rs 500 without investing any money online. Taskbucks is another money-earning app in 2024 where you can finish various simple tasks and make cash online. Watching videos and get paid is one of the easiest job you will find in Taskbucks. Taskbucks is a best 2024 GPT app to make money online while enjoying your favorite videos. 

You can also earn Rs 25 by using a referral code. Invite your friends and family on Taskbucks make them join the platform and earn easy cash online. The earning potential depends on the daily engagement on the Taskbucks. The more task you complete the more you will get a reward. 

Last Updated Sep 2023NA
Required Version6.0 and upNA

15. Earnably 

Earnably is an app where you can watch videos using its partner TV site Hideout. tv and cash out your rewards. In order to earn money, you need to sign up for both Earnably and Hideout.TV and linked the account. 

Once you registered in both those sites you have to watch videos and Ads in order to get paid. You can earn an extra 10% by referring the app to your friends and family. You can withdraw your money using PayPal or in terms of gift cards available on Earnably. 

EarnablyAndroid IOS
Last UpdatedOct 2023NA
Required Version6.0 or Up NA

How to Watch Video and Earn Money Without Investment Works?

These websites, often called Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites, reward you for completing tasks, including watching videos. While these sites offer various ways to earn rewards, we will focus primarily on watch video and earn money online. You can do this either on your computer or through mobile applications.

The videos you’ll watch cover a wide range of topics, making them quite entertaining. Sometimes, these videos include advertisements that you’ll need to watch. This is how these platforms can afford to pay you. At other times, the videos themselves are advertisements.

Earning from these videos is simple. Once you become a member of these sites, you can easily access and utilize the Daily Watch Video and Earn Money feature to earn rewards. Some sites may require you to stay on the video page to earn money online, while others don’t. The latter option is more advantageous as it allows you to multitask. 

How Much Can You Earn Money by Watching Videos?

It’s important to understand that watching videos online won’t make you rich overnight because it requires minimal effort. Be cautious of platforms that claim you can earn hundreds of dollars per day by watching videos; they are usually scams that either charge you upfront or waste your time without paying you.

However, using legitimate websites, you can earn passive income even when you’re not actively watching videos. Some platforms allow the videos to play even when you’re not actively watching, and these sites often provide other ways to earn money, which can significantly increase your earnings over time.

That being said, watching videos should not be your primary method of watch video and earn money online. It can be a nice supplement to your other income sources. It’s recommended to join around 5-7 GPT sites to maximize your earnings without feeling overwhelmed.

Since all these sites are free to join, membership fees won’t be a problem. The real determining factor here is how much time you’re willing to invest in these activities.

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FAQs about Watch Videos and Earn Money

Can I really earn money by watching videos?

Yes, there are platforms and apps available that allow you to earn money by watching videos. These platforms typically offer various videos, such as advertisements, movie trailers, or promotional content, and reward users with cash, gift cards, or other forms of compensation for their time.

How do I get started with earning money by watching videos?

To get started, you can search for reputable websites or mobile apps that offer video-watching opportunities for earning money. Create an account, complete any necessary profile information, and follow the instructions provided. You may need to meet certain criteria or reach a specific threshold before you can start earning money.

What are the payment methods for earning money by watching videos?

Payment methods vary depending on the platform you choose. Some platforms offer cash payouts through UPI or direct bank transfers. Others provide gift cards, vouchers, or virtual currencies that can be redeemed for various products or services. Make sure to check the payment options available before joining.

Are there any requirements to earn money by watching videos?

Each platform may have its own requirements, but common criteria include being of legal age (usually 18 or older), having a reliable internet connection, and residing in a supported country. Some platforms may also require you to complete additional tasks or surveys alongside video watching to earn money.

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