Watch Ads and Earn Money: Are you cash crunch? Are you looking for ways to earn money online? Do you love playing on your mobile? Modern smartphones are considered as a source of relaxation, knowledge and entertainment. 

The rise of digital era has witnessed the development of mobile apps that cater to all user needs. The popularity of the mobile apps is such that several brands across the globe have launched user centric apps for games, entertainment, news and earning money.  

During the early 18th and 19th century earning money was limited to job and business sector. But with time the concept of earning money has been revolutionized. 

In the 21st century watch ads and earn money, play games and earn bucks. Today with a tap of button on the smartphones one can find myriad of ways to earn money.

Whether you are browsing through articles, scrolling through social media handles or watching videos you must have noticed advertisements popping up in between and disrupting your interest. 

Have you ever wondered if you can easily earn money by watching ads. Yes it’s true that those annoying advertisements not only can be converted into money but also enable you to win exciting prizes and redeemable gift coupons

There are several apps that enable users to watch ads and earn money without investment whilst also not compromising their security. While some apps comes laden with their unique payment gateway , some offer direct payments in the form of interesting rewards and vouchers.

All that a user needs to do is download watch ads and earn money apps from Google Play Store and complete the sign up process to begin watching 

Do you want to gain money by watching ads? Are you interested in getting paid to watch ads only? Then you have arrived at the right place as we have brought for you a compiled list of mobile money earning apps that can help you to earn some quick cash by watching advertisements.

21 Best Watch Ads and Earn Money Apps in India 2024

App NameEarning Opportunity
RozDhanWatch ads, refer friends, complete tasks, and earn money
CashBuddyComplete tasks, refer friends, and earn money
mCentBrowse, complete tasks, and earn money
SwagbucksTake surveys, watch videos, and earn rewards
Google Opinion RewardsTake surveys and earn Google Play credits
SlideJoyUnlock your phone screen and earn money
LocoWatch ads, play games, and earn money
WowAppComplete tasks, chat, and earn money
CashKarmaComplete tasks, watch videos, and earn rewards
BigTokenShare data and earn rewards
AdWalletWatch ads and earn money
UnicornComplete tasks, play games, and earn money
CashKaroShop online and earn cashback
TaskBucksComplete tasks, play games, and earn money
AdsCashWatch ads and earn money
EarnEasyComplete tasks and earn money
FanTVWatch TV shows, participate in surveys, and earn rewards
OK MoneyComplete tasks and earn money
AdsTubeWatch ads and earn money
IbottaShop, submit receipts, and earn cashback
FrizzaWatch ads, complete tasks, and earn money

1. RozDhan


RozDhan  app allows you to watch ads and earn money without investment. It has emerged as a popular and famous wallet cash earning app in India for students. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra RozDhan allows users to receive daily earnings by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, reading news or by completing referral tasks.  Users earn credits for each completed tasks and the credits can be transferred to Paytm wallet. Every day users can earn up to INR 200 for every signup.


  • Instant earning of Rs 50 for first time login
  • Earn money by watching trailers, music videos and news clips
  • Made in India app trusted by 2.5 crore Indians
  • Make money by playing casual and trivia games
  • Offers monetary gains through referrals
  • Provides bonus rewards for task completion
  • Easy money withdrawal through Paytm

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2. CashBuddy


CashBuddy app allows users to watch ad make money. It allows users to earn by watching promoted product videos. The app offers extensive cashbacks and rewards from major ecommerce sites like Amazon, FlipKart and Jabong. The app offers real money that can be used for online shopping.


  • Earn rewards by watching product promotional videos
  • Get extra discount on shopping
  • Offers trending deals and coupons
  • Grab referral bonuses
  • More than 1000 ecommerce sites and brands are listed

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3. mCent


mCent is a watch ad and earn money app that enables users to earn cash and rewards by watching videos, playing games, completing tasks, offers and referring friends. The app also allows users to recharge mobile through earned rewards and gain cashbacks


  • Gain money by watching ads, trailers, music videos and news clips
  • Earn money by playing games
  • Make money by completing offers such as downloading apps or signing up for trials
  • Refer friends and recharge phones to earn cash rewards
  • Bonus rewards offered for daily login and task completion

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4. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a popular and trusted watch ads make money app that pays in dollars. Swagbucks offer SB points that users can convert into cash or gift cards and vouchers.  Additionally the app also offers rewards on watching movies, tv shows and news.  Swagbucks is a global brand that after gaining popularity in UK, Canada, USA, Ireland is expanding its reach to Germany and India also.


  • Trusted  app with 5 million downloads on play store
  • Provides $10  as joining bonus
  • Offers SB points that can be converted into dollars or gift cards
  • Enables to attain additional cashback by purchasing products from Swagbucks
  • Allows shopping from popular ecommerce chains like Walmart and Amazon

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5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a reward earning program designed by google. The app allows anyone above 18 years to sign up and earn extra cash by filling in opinion surveys. The survey frequency varies and for every survey completed users get money that can be withdrawn through paypal.


  • App is available for both iOS and Android users
  • Users above 18 years can install and earn by filling up surveys
  • It has 4.3 ratings with 50+ million downloads on play store
  • Users can earn from 10 cents to 1$ per survey

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6. SlideJoy


SlideJoy is an ad based earning app that helps users to earn money by watching ads. It also allows users to earn money by locking phone screen where the ads are displayed. The users can swipe left or right to change the ads and earn points that are added in the slidejoy account. The app displays ads based on user’s preferences. The app has been featured on CNBC, CNet, TechCrunch and other platforms.


  • Earn money by locking screen
  • Collected points can be converted into redeemable gift cards
  • Purchase products through redeemed points to receive more points
  • Ads provided on preference of users

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7. Loco


Loco is a gaming and live streaming app. It has emerged as a local hub for Indian gaming. Loco also helps players to watch ads and earn money.  The app is available on both android and apple play store. Loco offers daily quizzes answering which people get to make money. Rated 4.1 on play store loco has over 1 crore downloads.


  • Enables earning through live game streaming and quizzes
  • Offers Esports tournament
  • Provides on demand video
  • Opportunity to earn cash prizes
  • Multiple gaming options

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8. WowApp


WowApp has emerged as an instant earning system. The users can make money to watch ads and also gain monetary benefits by taking surveys. WowApp is known for its active participation in charity clubs across 110 countries worldwide. Users get to earn points by performing tasks and taking surveys. With every daily activity completed the users get some points that can be redeemed or converted into cash. WowApp also collaborates with 10K shopping brands offering over 42 million products for the users shopping experience. The users can shop from the app using their earnings.


  • Opportunity to earn by playing games
  • Online shopping opportunity
  • Get cashback by shopping from the app
  • Interactive rewards to be won for daily tasks
  • Opportunity to get gift cards for shopping
  • Get paid for making WowApp calls

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9. CashKarma


CashKarma is a watch ads make money app. The app pays for completing surveys and watching ads. Users for each completed task earn points which can be converted into real cash. The earnings can be easily withdrawn via Paypal.


  • Offers high paying surveys
  • Get additional bonuses for every unlocked achievement
  • Earn more rewards by reaching higher levels
  • Chance to win gift cards
  • Earning through referrals

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10. BigToken


BigToken enables users to watch ads and earn money without investment.  The app offers several different methods for earning. Users can play games, watch ads, do surveys to earn redeemable points. The points earned are converted into real cash which can be withdrawn through Paypal.


  • Taking surveys and enabling location helps earn cash
  • Watching ads aids to collect points
  • Linking social media handles earns additional points
  • Cash earning through referrals

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11. AdWallet


AdWallet helps users to earn real cash by watching favourite brand videos. The app also helps to earn by participating in surveys. The earnings can be redeemed through PayPal, bank transfer or through amazon gift card.


  • Offers easy to use user interface
  • Simple sign up procedure
  • Earnings upto $3 for every video watched
  • Earn $1 through referrals
  • Collect and withdraw cash with a single click
  • Multiple payment gateways

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12. Unicorn

Unicorn is a free earning app on play store. The app allows users to watch advertisement earn money.  Users can also earn by completing surveys. The earnings are converted in cash and withdrawn through direct bank transfers.


  • Gain money by watching ads
  • Participate in surveys to earn bonuses
  • Withdraw earnings through direct bank transfers
  • Get up to Rs. 10 for every referral

13. CashKaro


CashKaro is a watch ad and earn money app on play store. The app allows users to earn money by watching ads and also gives the opportunity to earn monetary benefits such as cashback while shopping online. Users get to earn by watching advertisement of their choice. Additionally the app also offers interactive referral bonuses. 


  • Offers unique cashbacks on wide range of shopping sites and brands
  • Provides attractive deals and coupons on wide range of products and services
  • Easy earning through referrals
  • Simple user interface

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14. TaskBucks


Task buck is a popular watch advertisement earn money app. The app also offers rewards for completing tasks and offers. The users can additionally earn money by participating in surveys, installing apps and playing games. Users get different rewards various levels of task complexity.


  • Flexibility to choose tasks and earning options
  • Multiple earning options
  • Interactive games and surveys 
  • Bonus rewards on complex task completion

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15. AdsCash


AdsCash is an android compatible that enables users to make money to watch ads.  Users can achieve daily rewards by performing myriad of activities like watching games and completing tasks.  Rated 4.6 on play store the app has over 100K downloads. The simple user friendly interface makes money earning on the app a hassle free task.


  • Friendly user interface
  • High rating on play store
  • Easy money earing tasks
  • Intuitive design

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16. EarnEasy


EarnEasy is a watch ads and earn money app. The app allows users to earn extra income by completing tasks such as watching ads, rating and downloading apps. The earnings of the users can be withdrawn through Paytm wallet or direct bank account. Rated 4.1 on play store, EarnEasy app has witness more than 5 million downloads.


  • Get first login bonus of Rs 50
  • Easy withdrawal of earnings through Paytm wallet and bank transfers
  • Get discount offers on popular brands like Boat, Myntra
  • Earn money through referrals

17. FanTV


FanTV is a made in India video streaming and sharing platform that allows users to gain money by watching ads, videos. The app offers long form video content and trending videos that keep the users glued to the screen. The app also offers creators rewards for achieving milestones. Rated 4.1 on playstore it has over 500K downloads.


  • Offers exciting prized and rewards for watching and sharing videos
  • Monthly jackpots to be won
  • Earn by referring and completing daily challenges
  • Multiple genres and multilingual videos available

18. OK Money

OK Money

OK Money has emerged as popular watch ads and earn money without investment app in 2024. With the help of OKMoney users can earn Paytm, PhonePe money by playing games and doing easy tasks. The users also get to earn hourly cash prized for every task completed. The app has over 1 million downloads on play store.


  • Earn Rs 50 cash for first login
  • Get money by playing games and watching videos
  • Spin and earn money
  • Gain money by referring
  • Earn up to Rs 200 daily by completing tasks

19. AdsTube


AdsTube is a watch ad and earn money app. The app is designed in a friendly manner making it suitable for usage by people of all ages. The users earn points for every advertisement watched. The points are converted into dollars which can be withdrawn through google pay, UPI, PhonePe, Paypal and bank account. For every 1000 points earned users get up to $1.


  • User friendly interface
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Interesting videos offered
  • Earn points and rewards for every video watched

20. Ibotta


Ibotta is a watch ads and earn money app. It offers cashback to users for scanning receipts of their grocery shopping trips. The app also enables users to earn cashback by watching videos, taking surveys and referring friends. Ibotta offers cashback for shopping also. The app offers easy earning withdrawal through PayPal, Venmo and giftcards


  • Offers cashback on grocery shopping
  • Attain cashback on electronics, home goods and clothing shopping
  • Earn by referral program
  • Offers cashback on using services like gas, parking and dining out
  • SSL encryption ensures user safety

21. Frizza


Frizza is an Indian watch advertisement earn money app. The app allows users to earn money by watching ads, playing games, taking surveys and reading articles. The users can also earn money through the referral program.


  • Earn money by completing multiple tasks
  • Easy withdrawal of earnings through UPI
  • Unique referral program offers bonus rewards
  • Brings all Paytm money earning apps and games under one roof

Why Should You Consider Starting to Earn Money Online by Watching Ads?

Although earning money solely by watching ads may not constitute a significant source of income, it offers several potential benefits:

  1. Easy and Accessible: Watching ads requires minimal effort and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it suitable for individuals with limited time or resources.
  2. Passive Income: While not entirely passive, watching ads can generate some income without active work. You can watch ads while multitasking or during breaks, potentially accumulating small rewards over time.
  3. Low Barrier to Entry: No specific skills or qualifications are required to start earning from watching ads. This makes it accessible to anyone with a device and internet access.
  4. Small Rewards and Incentives: While not substantial, the earned rewards can be used for small purchases, topping up mobile phone credit, or contributing to larger savings goals.
  5. Trying New Products and Services: Watching ads can expose you to new products and services, potentially leading to finding something you genuinely like or need.

Earning extra income without any investment might appear to be an impossible feat to achieve but in today’s digital era these unique apps have made it possible. The intriguing concept of watch ads and earn money without investment has gained immense popularity with the rise of these apps. Be it participating in surveys to express your opinions or putting to test your brain skill by playing interesting games the fun filled tasks offered by the apps not just enable to earn money but also let you to be constructive. Earning quick money is now easy with installation of these apps.

Did you find our watch ads and earn money app article interesting? Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments below?

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