Are you an ardent gamer? Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be if playing games could earn you money? Yes this is now possible with the rise of the online gaming sector that has created more earning opportunities for gamers.  

Online gaming is no longer limited to being a pastime, a source of entertainment rather it has emerged as  a rich earning potential. With the rise of online game streaming, E-sports teams and tournaments ardent gamers can earn real money from the comforts of their homes. 

The popularity of online games is such that brands and sites have started offering money to people for playing games. Amongst the various brands paypal games for cash earning have gained much hype. 

Paypal is a popular payment platform that offers a safe and secure way for receiving payments online. It has also now emerged as an ideal choice for gaming platforms to be used as a mode of payment for players. 

Players now can easily find real money earning games paypal. The user friendly interface of the platform offers players a hassle-free gaming experience. So  if you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash through online gaming consider opting for Paypal. Here we have compiled a list of top notch paypal games for cash earning.

20 Top Paypal Games that pay real money

1. Solitaire Clash

Solitaire Clash has emerged as a popular gaming choice for those looking for games that pay real money to paypal. The game is very similar to classic solitaire card game with a difference of multiplayer twist. The players can easily compete against each other in real time. The sole goal of the players of this game is to be the first to clear their deck of cards. The players get t earn cash prizes for every match won. The addictive gameplay and quick pacing interface has made Solitaire Clash to gain much hype amongst online game players.

2. 8 Ball Strike 

8 ball strike paypal games for cash earning

8 ball strike is considered amongst the best free online pool games available on internet. The game concept is similar to that of other online pool games. To play the game the player needs to earn points by shooting ball in the holes and also through sinking. 8 balls strike is listed amongst legal paypal games for cash earning. The players can also earn more points through bonuses, combos and multipliers. Additional points are also earned through trick shots, clearing table before time expires and avoiding sinking of cue ball. The earned points can be redeemed into prizes or cash rewards that can be withdrawn from bank transfer or Paypal account.

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3. Zumania

Zumania paypal games for real cash

Zumania is listed amongst the famous paypal games that pay real money. It is a marble game that is based on classic zuma game. The game interface offers a distinctive spin of the classic zuma video game which leads to earning of actual cash rewards. The players need to control and shoot marbles to make matches with three or more identical balls and clean the screen before the end of line is reached. The vibrant graphics and smooth yet fast paced game makes it a favourite marble game of the players.

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4. Swagbucks

paypal games that pay real money

Swagbucks is popular and trusted real money earning games paypal website that pays in dollars. Swagbucks offer SB points that users can convert into cash or gift cards and vouchers.  The app offers rewards for watching movies, tv shows, news and playing games. The site enables users to play games like Monopoly, live Bingo, Gold rush and earn paypal money. 

Swagbucks is a global brand that after gaining popularity in UK, Canada, USA, and Ireland is expanding its reach to Germany and India also. The offers the cash rewards to be redeemed through paypal.  The site offers $10 as joining bonus and 10% referral bonus for every new signup.. Swagbucks enables players to shop from ecommerce chains like Walmart and Amazon. Swagbucks has over 5 million downloads on Playstore and also scores 4.3 ratings on Trustpilot

5. MistPlay

MistPlay  is an amazing app that offers paypal games that pay real money. The app runs a loyalty program for mobile gamers aiding them to earn extra rewards. The plays can earn signup bonus , collect units by playing and discovering new games. The units earned can be used for availing rewards on this app.  Additionally participation in the game helps players to earn shopping coupons on Amazon, Google Pay and Visa debit card.  Mistplay offers wide range of games such as Super Mario Run, Fruit Ninja, Chess, Solitaire, Candy Crush Saga, Wordscapes for the game players to select from. The players do not need to shed a dime for playing the games.

6. Money Bingo

Money Bingo is amongst the popular bingo games that pay real money to paypal. The bingo game allows gamers to win daily cash, huge bingo power-ups by playing mini games. The mobile bingo software  allows gamers to play bingo digitally and earn money.  The players can win bingo infinity by using a strong prop.  Each month the game launches new Bingo holiday features that make the game more addictive.

7. Bubble Buzz

Bubble Buzz paypal games for cash

Bubble buzz is another popular paypal games for cash. It is just like other bubble shooter game available online. The game applies same concept of shooting bubbles of the same color to win.  The players need to clear all the bubbles before the timer runs out. The players also need to avoid lowering the bubbles level below the. Players stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes and bonuses based on the combos and total points earned by popping bubbles.

8. Match N Flip

Match N Flip

Match N Flip is listed amongst trending money earning games paypal. It is a tricky game that takes time to master. The game leaves the player racking their brains to match cards depending on color and number. The game’s primary object for the player to remove every card from the screen before the 2 minute timer expires. The player who gets highest score in one on one or multiplayer match wins and earns cash prize.

9. Bingo Tour

Bingo tour is known amongst the most popular free games that pay real money to paypal.  In the game the players have to mark off the square on bingo that corresponds to the letter or number that is being called out or appears on screen. In the game the player has to either finish an entire row across, up or down columns or diagonals and once it’s a match then they have to click on Bingo The players will receive points for each successful match and points increase when they earn a bingo.  The vibrant graphics paired with attractive interface ensures that players enjoy playing the game.

10. Blockolot


Blockolot is listed amongst fulfilled and challenging paypal games that pay real money. The puzzle gameplay requires players to move blocks around a grid to create specific pattern or shape. The game begins at an easier rate and becomes more challenging as players level up. Blockolot offers various cash tournaments, daily and weekly competitions for players to participate in. The also has a leader board display where the players can track their progress and ranking.  Blockolot is an ideal game for players who love to play block puzzle games and are looking for means to earn extra cash.

11. Wealth Words

For those word nerds looking to earn money by playing games paypal through crosswords wealth words serves as an ideal game. The game has crosswords stories, slots and various other interactive activities that puts to test the players word knowledge The players can by tokens and use it to play the games. The winners get cash deposited in their wallet by wealth words. The players can easily cash out the wallet through Paypal.

12. Brain Battle

Brain Battle

Are you looking for  math games that pay real money to paypal then consider giving brain battle a try. Brain battle enables players to play math video games. The players can play the game to collect tickets which get them entry into lucky draw for cash earning. The more games the player plays the more tickets they earn and stand a better chance of winning cash prize. The cash won by the players can be withdrawn through paypal. Brain Battle has a 4.1 star rating on google playstore.

13. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is amongst the few sites that offer paypal games for cash earning. The site offers money for playing games such as pyramid solitaire, monkey bubble shooter, candy jam. Apart from offering monetary benefits for playing games the site also offers money for shopping online, taking surveys, reading emails, watching videos and buying groceries.  Players can also earn money by watching videos and ads played during gameplay. The players earn gift cards and cash for each win which can be withdrawn through Paypal.

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14. WorldWinner

WorldWinner houses several games that pay real money to paypal.  The players can make a deposit of as low as 25 cents to earn tournaments where they can practice and win cash prizes. WorldWinner houses games such as Yahtzee, Bejewelled, Bingo, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Dominos and many more. WorldWinner has no minimum requirement for cash withdrawal which makes it stand out from the rest.

15. Golden Tee Golf

Golden Tee Golf

Are you looking for easy real money earning games paypal ? Then consider opting for golden tee golf which allows players to play golf on their phone and earn money. The game allows users to customize the equipment, characters outfit and also choose different courses. The players can additionally monitor weather conditions and make adjustments to it according to their gameplay. The players also get too play daily golf challenges, select campaign mode or challenge mode. In the game the player can play against their friends and check their ranking and scores through leader board. For every win the players earn cash and other prizes which can be withdrawn through Paypal.

16. AppStation

AppStation is an app that offers paypal games that pay real money.  The app has 4.1 rating on google playstore and has 10 million downloads. The app houses wide variety of interesting games such as fishdom, royal match, homescapes and man more. The app is free to use and players stand a chance to win cash prizes, amazon cards or google play gift cards, PlayStation vouchers, steam coupons, Nike gift cards, Walmart shopping card for every win in the game. The cash prizes earned can be easily withdrawn through Paypal.

17. Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold

Dominoes gold is amongst the best classic games that pay real money to paypal. The gameplay offers tournaments for players to participate. The fun and challenging game puts players domino skills and brain ability to test. The goal for players is to earn points by matching same numbered dominoes.  The game features variety of puzzle combination and online leaderboard to check the players score and rankings.  The players earn cash prizes and coupons for every win. Cash prizes can be easily withdrawn through Paypal

18. Match To Win

Match To Win

Match to win is known as free to download real money earning games paypal. The game allows users to scratch off lottery tickets after completing 3 puzzle games and they stand a chance to win gift cards, paypal cash and many more exciting rewards. With over 5 million downloads the app has 3.9 rating on google play store. Additionally the app also enables players to stand a chance to win bonus coins and weekly prizes through Tiki challenge.

19. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire cube is listed amongst the classic card paypal games for cash. In the gameplay the players can play a head on battle with a fellow competitor or choose to win paypal cash by participating in tournament. In the game the player have to drag and stack card into piles to sort them by their suit such as Diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs. The players can maximize their scores by opting out of unsolvable decks early to claim time bonuses. The gameplay has alternate modes which introduce new set of challenges. Players winning solitaire with maximum points win cash prizes which can be withdrawn through paypal.

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20. Bubble Venture

Bubble Venture

Are you seeking for games that pay real money to paypal? Then consider giving bubble venture a try. The game is an online bubble shooter game which has the concept of popping bubbles using same colour bubbles. The player has to clear all the bubbles before the timer runs out.  The gameplay has several entertaining twists and adventures. There are many global locations that the players can explore in the game. There are also several secret treasure chests that offer amazing rewards and real money.  The players get to visit locations like Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York through the gaming locations.  Popping bubbles the players can uncover hidden artifacts and earn rewards. The rewards and cash prizes earned can be redeemed through Paypal.


Online gaming has emerged as a trending way for players to earn extra cash and Paypal games for cash has become as a safe and convenient choice for players. Through paypal the players can easily receive the payments. Paypal games offer several gaming choices such as Solitaire, bubble shooter, pool game and block puzzles to keep the players engaged. 

For receiving money on Paypal from games players need to link their paypal accounts to the gaming platform and request a pay-out. It is essential for players to note that each gaming platform has its own payment threshold and processing time. To ensure a safe gaming experience the players need to cross check the terms and conditions before they engage in the gameplay. Through the above apps and sites players can easily earn money through paypal by playing these online games. Did you find the post useful? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.

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