If you are hustling in your day-to-day life or want a side income to earn a little bit extra. Not just $10 or $20 but wants to earn $100 without any investment. Then you are in the right place. From the secret website for making money online to a $25 instant bonus, we have provided so many blogs for your side hustle. But this time we are taking you even further to earn $100 per day with your smartphone.  In this blog, you will find the best 18 apps that pay $100 a day without investment. The good thing about all these apps is that they are totally free. 

So what are those apps that can enhance your daily side income up to $100 or more?

Let’s start with our first online money earning apps that pay $100 a day without investment –

18 Best Apps That Pay $100 A Day Without Investment

Tasker3.5Up to $100 Daily
Stockimo3Earn Between $1 to $20,000
Userlytics4.6More than $100 per day
Honeygain3Up to $100 Daily
Lootup4.3Up to $100 Daily
Userfeel3.5Earn $10 in avg 20min
Foap4.5More than $100 per day
Lyft4.3More than $100 per day
Toluna4.5Up to $100 Daily
Digistore243.6$100 to $1000 per day
Upwork4.6$100 or more per day
Gigwalk3.3Upto $100 each day
Robinhood4.2Upto $100 each day
ProductTube3.4more than $100
Lifecoin4.6Up to $100 Daily
Branded Surveys4.5daily $100
Mistplay4.4Up to $100 per day

1. Tasker by TaskRabbit

Tasker by taskrebbit

Tasker is an app powered by TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is a popular online market platform where one can find freelance jobs based on local demands which include personal assistance, furniture assembly, moving, delivery, and handyman work. Tasker is the new initiative of TaskRabbit where you have the freedom to choose your own boss, work, payment, and hour.  Tasker is recognized as one of the best apps that pay $100 a day without investment. For more insights into the app’s earning potential, as well as a comprehensive review and ratings detail, check below.

Your job? Simply doing simply skill based job.

How To Become a Tasker on TaskRabbit 2024!Watch Full Video

Tasker Money Earning Potential: Choosing different kinds of jobs based on your skills can enhance your earnings upto $100 daily using your phone. Tasker is easy to use and it is highly advised to set a low charge initially. Make sure to impress your employer with your work in order to get good reviews that will go a long way. Once you become a Pro Tasker you can set a higher pay charge per hour.

The table below has all the details about the Tasker app- 

App NameDetails
Tasker Tasker by TaskRabbit 
Size123 MB
Availability Apple Store

Review By IOS User

Bullyang Sonyeon, 08/03/2023 (3/5)

The app is good to make money but it is a bit dated. The inability to set yourself a one time schedule availability is a tad annoying. Having to set up it day to day is just too much. Sometimes I don’t even want to use the app because of the process. (Read Full Review)

Rayjay415, 06/07/2021 (5/5)

Life changing
I started off part time as i aM a union construction worker, i went from assembling ikea furniture, to mounting tvs and shelves, now im doing home repairs, minor plumbing and buying a work van, in 2 months i made almost 20k,,
(Read Full Review)

CcantgetrightT40831, 06/09/2023

Better than Handy/Angi by a long shot but fix the glitches!
Not about to rave about how great TR is out of fear of creating more competition for myself 🤫 cons: Still trying to adjust to the fact that I’m not able to see what jobs are available and select them myself. (Read Full Review)

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2. Stockimo


Stockimo is a photo-selling app developed by Alamy Limited. With an easy sign-up, you can upload your photo and showcase your sour creative work to the world. Stockimo accepts pictures even taken from your phones. A wide range of categories is available on the Stockimo for every kind of photographer. From food to products and cloudy sky to picturesque landscapes, sell your digital artwork and earn more than $100 in a day.   

Your job? Selling Your Photos, Art Work etc.

Stockimo Earning Potential: You can earn between $1 to $20,000 for your single photo. It all depends on picture quality, how it is taken, and what impact it left on the customer. 

App NameDetails
StockimoDeveloped by the Alamy for buying and selling app for photos
Size7.1 MB
AvailabilityApple Store

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3. Userlytics


Userlytics is an online platform that pays to test their business partners’ or clients’ websites and apps. The main motive behind the user testing of the product is to provide qualitative and actual response data to the company by testing in a real-time. Where earn money for navigating new websites and apps, testing them, and sharing your overall experience.   

Your job? Website & App Testing

How To Make Money With Userlytics For BeginnersWatch Video

Userlytics Earning potential: Here you can earn $20 for work less than 30 minutes. Userltics is a video-based survey where you can easily make $100 per day. 

App NameDetails
UserlyticsUser Testing app 
AvailabilityApple Store (iPad), Google PlayStore (Android Phones)

Tmbdallas, 06/02/2021

Easy to use
The preview works well and the recording but the payment screen doesn’t update and the test invites don’t tell you what type of device you need unless you click on it plus my invites include some two year old tests that aren’t active anymore!

careynolds2262, 12/08/2019

Fun easy way to help out and earn money
I enjoy making websites and apps more user friendly because I know people who use these things but don’t find them super easy. I enjoy getting paid also! The sessions are not that long and are easy to understand and do. I enjoy Userlytics!

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4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the legit websites where you can earn by sharing your insights and knowledge. All this knowledge is later used by many businesses and retail services to enhance customer service. 

Survey Junkie

Your job? Empower Your Voice, Earn Your Rewards – Survey Junkie: Where Opinions Pay Off.

Survey Junkie Money Earning Potential: According to many reviews SurveyJunkie offers a $10 sign-up bonus. Based on its official website, there are 500 points rewards for every new signing up. 

How To Make Money With Survey Junkie in 2024 (For Beginners)Watch Full Video

Is Survey Junkie Legit or Scam Watch the user reviewWatch Video

The table below has all the details of Survey Junkie including a download link

App NameDetails
SurveyJunkieSurvey and Rewards apps 
AvailabilityApple Store, Google PlayStore

Excited but cautious, 04/26/2023 (4/5)

first survey app I’ve actually made money from
i have tried so many survey apps to make money and genuinely put hours into each with no results. this is the first app i got actual money from. took about 2 hrs of surveys for $10. $5 an hour might not sound great but i made this money while i was watching movies, exercising, walking to class, etc.

an0npm, 05/10/2022 (5/5)

thank you 😭
so this app admittedly is a bit buggy, BUT i was really desperate for some extra cash to buy some groceries before my next payday.
(Read Full Review)

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5. Honeygain 


Honeygain is a bandwidth-sharing app where you can share your unused data to the app and it will give you 30 cents per GB. Simply download the app and it will access your free internet data. Don’t worry about your privacy as Honeygain has the best user transparency policy and built one of the world’s best residential proxy networks. Honeygain is a no. 1 passive income source where you can earn for doing nothing. 

Honeygain Money Earning Potential: Honeygain offers a $2 sign-up reward. The best part about Honeygain is that there is no withdrawal limit. You can cash out your money anytime. 

The table has all the details of Honeygain and its download link- 

App NameDetails
HoneygainShare unused Bandwidth and earn 
Size6.5 MB
AvailabilityApple Store, Galaxy Store

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6. Lootup


Lootup is a new online money-making app where you can earn easily upto $100 using your smartphone. Lootup pays you for finishing different jobs like sharing your opinions, playing games, completing offers, watching videos, and shopping to earn cashback.   

Lootup Money Earning Potential:  Lootup offers a $5 instant sign-up bonus. You can increase your income on Lootup by completing different tasks like taking surveys, playing games, trying new apps, etc. 

The table has all the details of Lootup including its download link- 

App NameDetails
LootupTake Surveys and Earn real cash 

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7. Userfeel


Userfeel is an app testing platform where you can get paid for testing the apps. The Userfeel doesn’t charge any monthly fee or subscription fee to access its services. It is absolutely free. Here you can test apps in more than 40 languages so no more lingo barrier. Userfeel is one of the best apps to earn a daily $100 or more. 

Userfeel Money Earning potential: For every test, Userfeel pays you between $3 to $30 and it lasts 5 to 60 minutes depending on the test. An average test lasts longer for 20 minutes for which you can get a $10 each. 

The table has all the details of Userfeel and its download link-

App NameDetails
UserfeelApp testing platform 
Size23 MB
AvailabilityApple Store, Google PlayStore

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8. Foap


Foap is a fantastic online photo-selling market where you can turn your phone pictures into cash. Foap is partnered with many high brands like Dominos, Volvo, Heineken, Philips, Coco-Cola, Happy Socks, etc. These are only a few of Foap’s partners looking for some eye-catching pictures.  This flexibility makes Foap an ideal “App That Pay $100 A Day Without Investment.” For more information on the app, including reviews, ratings, earning Potential and the download link, check below.

Foap Money Earning Potential: Most pictures on the Foap are sold for $10 from which a profit dividends into 50-50 between you and Foap. It can be your next passive income source where you can earn more than $100 by selling photos from your phones.  

The table has all the details of Foap and its download link- 

App NameDetails
Foap Online Photo Selling platform 
Availability Apple Store, Google PlayStore

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9. Lyft


If you enjoy driving, then Lyft is the perfect match for you. Much like Uber, Lyft operates as a ride-sharing app, allowing you to earn $100 by transporting passengers from your local area to their desired destinations. Utilizing your car to earn cash has never been easier and more rewarding. The best aspect of working with Lyft is the complete control you have over your working hours, giving you the freedom to choose whether or not to accept a ride. This flexibility makes Lyft an ideal “App That Pay $100 A Day Without Investment.” For more information on the app, including reviews, ratings, and the download link, check below.

Lyft Money Earning Potential: On the bright side, you can make more than $100 daily by driving around your neighborhood area. However, your money earnings on this app can vary depending on your location, demands, or working hours.  

The table has all the details of Lyft including its download link-

App NameDetails
Size248.6 MB
AvailabilityApple Store, Google PlayStore

10. Toluna


Toluna is one of the legit survey platforms which is available in many countries. Here you can take surveys and earn rewards. Toluna gives you points for completing every survey which you can later cash out using PayPal or any other withdrawal method like debit or Master card.  Toluna is recognized as one of the top app that pay $100 a day without investment. For more insights into the app’s earning potential, as well as a comprehensive review and ratings detail, check below.

Toluna Money Earning Potential: Toluna has many small surveys that can take only 2 to 10 minutes for each survey you will get a reward for points which is equal to 37 cents. 

The table has all the details of Toluna and its download link- 

App NameDetails
Toluna Take Survey and Earn Rewards

11. Digistore24 


If you want to open your own e-commerce store? Then Digistore24 makes it easier for you. Forget about all the payments sales, invoices, affiliate and partnership accounting, integration with payment services, membership, etc. Digistore24 will do all these tasks for you so that you can focus on your product. You can sell anything like software, e-books, digital courses, etc. This platform is perfect for E-book authors, software developers, coaches, and artists.  

Digistore24 money earning potential: It is entirely based on your product. With Digistore24 you can forget about all the background task that runs automatically. So you can focus on your brand’s niche and current demands of the product in the market. With the right focus and analysis, you can make $100 to $1000 per day. 

The table has all the details of StartUpLift and its download link-

App NameDetails
Digistore24 Create and maintain Digital Store for the business
Size36.1 MB

12. Upwork


Upwork is a freelancer platform based on the gig economy. On Upwork, you will find several gigs you can finish in an hour or so and can make a couple of hundred in a day. If you know more than one skill like developing apps or websites, graphic designing, photography, editing or writing content, etc. Then Upwork gives you the best opportunity to sharpen your skills. You can complete  many jobs posted on its platform and get paid.   

Upwork Money Earning Potential: It depends on your skill and the gigs you choose. The more you finish the jobs and earn, Upwork will add to your profile which ultimately adds to your profile and level up your experience. With Upwork, you could earn $100 or more in one day.  

The table has all the details of Upwork and its download link-

App NameDetails
Upwork Upwork for Freelancers 
Size48.2 MB 

13. Gigwalk


Gigwalk is an app that pays you for completing the small tasks and gigs based on your location. In short, Gigwalk collect data for many brands and retail stores that are in your city. One of the fantastic apps that pays you for doing simple chores like shopping, dining out with your family, and sharing your overall experience. In return, you get paid for your useful insights which helps in the long run to develop a solid brand value.  

Gigwalk money earning potential: You can easily earn upto $100 each day by sharing your honey opinion and bill receipts. You can easily cash out your reward by using PayPal and various gift cards.  

The table below has all the details of Gigwalk and download link-

App NameDetails
GigwalkGigs-based platform 

14. Robinhood


If you want to trade in stocks, cryptocurrencies and shares then Robinhood is one of the best platform for you. Robinhood is totally free and offers commission-free trading and investing easily.  You can make money in Robinhood through rebates, margin interest, stock loans, uninvested cash, and cash management 

Robinhood Money-earning potential:  Always remember, Robinhood is sure a free commission-based investment app. But investing money could be risky especially if you have a little knowledge of the market and recent trades. With the right amount of information and data, you can easily make money, maybe a couple of hundred per day. 

The table has shown all the details of Robinhood and the download link below-

App NameDetails
RobinhoodCommission-free investment app 
Size433 MB
Reviews4.3 M

15. ProductTube


ProductTube is a reward app powered by the Motion Research. It is a video-based product review app where you can shop for your favorite item, use it, and then shoot a product review video. All the product review videos help to improve the overall customer experience by improving the product.   

ProductTube money earning potential: With a good product review video you can earn between $50 to $80 per hour. With 2-3 videos a day, you can easily earn more than $100.

The table below has all the details of ProductTube and the download link- 

App NameDetails
ProductTubeReward-based platform for product review video 
Size259.3 MB

16. Lifecoin


LifeCoin is a walking reward-based fitness app that pays you for being fit and healthy. It is one of those few apps that reward you for your daily walk or jog. With LifeCoin you can turn your every step into money. Simply download the app put your phone into your pockets and start getting points for your outdoor activities like walking, running, and hiking.  

LifeCoin money-earning potential: It entirely depends upon your physical activity and how much walk in a day. For every step, you get Life Coins which can transform into money or gift card rewards.  

App NameDetails
Lifecoin Rewards for walking
Size191.4 MB

17. Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys is one of the legit apps that pay for taking surveys and completing other tasks. Here you will get a survey in which you have your interests. Branded Surveys match you with the right surveys so that you can share your honest opinion.

Branded money-earning potential:  You will rewarded with points for each survey you take and finish. The minute you earn your first 500 points which is easy to get. You can withdraw your reward using PayPal or an Amazon gift card. In Branded Surveys 100 points are equal to the $1. 

App NameDetails
Branded Surveys Survey-based app money earning app
Size101 MB

18. Mistplay 


If you are into games or trying new apps every day, then go for Mistplay. It is a  money-earning platform where you can earn money by playing games, watching videos, and taking surveys. There are multiple ways to collect points which you can later cash out using many common payment methods like PayPal, debit or master cards, and gift card options. 

Mistplay money-earning potential: For small tasks such as maintaining a streak for a week like daily login or finishing minimal tasks, can give you a unit.  Mistplay can boost your daily income goals of earning $100 with other apps.  

The table below has all the details of Mistplay including its download link-

App NameDetails
MistplayMoney earning app based on 

To conclude our blog post, we’ve curated a list specifically for those aiming to boost their income without any upfront financial commitment. “These are our ‘Top 10 Apps That Pay $100 A Day Without Investment,’ allowing you to earn over $100 daily.” Explore these options to start increasing your earnings right away. Remember one thing by using 2 or 3 apps at a time, you can increase the potential of your side hustle. The more you use the apps and biome efficiency the higher your chances to reach your daily $100 earning goal.  

Why Earning $100 a Day Online Could Be Your Financial Game Changer

Ever found yourself playing a sad tune on the world’s smallest violin by the month’s end, wallet emptier than a politician’s promises? Or perhaps, like me, you’re part of the elite ‘Broke by the 10th’ squad, skillfully navigating the treacherous waters of EMIs and credit card bills only to capsize into financial despair way before the month bids adieu.

Let’s not sob into our wallets just yet, though. I’ve stumbled upon a little goldmine of information that could very well be our ticket to dodging the broke bullet. And because I’m all about spreading the joy (and, let’s be honest, because misery loves company), I’m here to share the wealth—quite literally.

So, why is earning money online a stroke of genius? Picture this: no more tightening the belt, no more choosing between being a social butterfly and a hermit, and definitely no more ‘innovative’ meals featuring instant noodles.

Enter the realm of “Top 10 Apps That Pay $100 A Day Without Investment.” Yes, you read that right. No initial cash drop required, just your charm, skills, and perhaps a dash of good luck. These apps are your potential lifelines to not just staying afloat but actually swimming in slightly greener financial waters.

We’re talking about legit, hassle-free ways to pad your wallet from the comfort of… well, wherever you fancy. Be it your cozy bed, that quaint café down the street, or even while you’re pretending to listen in on that endless Zoom meeting.

I’ve done the legwork, diving deep into the ocean of online opportunities to fish out the pearls. From apps that pay you to complete simple tasks or surveys, to those that let you flex your gaming skills for cash, there’s something for everyone. And the best part? You’re in control. Work as much or as little as you like, choose tasks that tickle your fancy, and watch as your bank balance detaches itself from the emotional rollercoaster of financial instability.

So, if you’re tired of the end-of-the-month blues or just looking to make some extra dough without the fuss of investment, stick around. I’ve got the inside scoop on how to make those digital dollars dance their way into your bank account. Let’s turn those financial frowns upside down, shall we? Trust me, your wallet will thank you.

Disclaimer - Some of the apps mentioned above include financial risk and may be addictive and we fantasy Khiladi are not responsible for any financial risk taken by the user. Use all these apps at your own risk. Have fun!

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