Spin and win cash earning apps help you to earn money just by using your smartphone. In these apps, you just have to spin the wheel, and you will get many exciting rewards along with the real money. In the following article, we present to you the list of Top 10 spin and win Paytm cash apps in 2024

Top 10 Spin and Win Paytm Cash App List

1. Fantasy Khiladi – Spin & Win Paytm Cash

fantasy khiladi

Fantasy Khiladi is an online Ludo gaming platform in India that aims to provide its users the best Fantasy Ludo gaming experience. It is also one of the spin and win Paytm cash applications that offer different rewards with every spin. In Fantasy Khiladi, you will get ₹. 30 daily bonus, out of which, 1% can be used while playing the game. The user will also get up to 20% cash back on deposit.

App NameFantasy Khiladi
Signup Bonus10 Rs.
Referral Code425934
Spin and EarnUp to ₹10
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2. Galo App

Galo App

Galo is one of the most genuine applications that pays you Paytm Money for spinning the wheel. Apart from that, you can also win real money by playing different gams and doing various tasks in Galo app. If you sign in as a new user, you will get a bonus of ₹50 and can earn ₹300 to 500 daily by playing games. You can also earn extra cash by watching ads.

App NameGALO Earn money Play games
Spin and EarnUp to ₹100
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3. Play and Win App

Play and Win App

Play and win is another spin and win Paytm cash app which helps you earn real money by spinning the wheel. Apart from this, users can also play quiz games such as technology, sports and movies in Play and Win to earn Paytm cash. In this app, you will get one spin daily, for that you have to go to the Daily reward section and then click on ‘Bonus’ to get a spin.

App NamePlay and Win
Spin and Earn₹50 to ₹100
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4. GameZop


GameZop is one of the best applications to earn real money by playing games and spinning the wheel. Here, you can earn ₹1000-3000 by more than 200+ and can also get a 10% commission and₹5 for hosting your own tournament. In GameZop a user will ₹30 as a signup bonus and Rs. ₹15 for each refer. 

App NameGameZop
Spin and EarnUp to ₹20
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5. MPL (Mobile Premier League)


MPL is one of the most trusted applications with the star Indian cricketer Virat Kohli as a brand ambassador. In MPL, you can play different fantasy games such as cricket, football and baseball. Apart from this, it is also one of the apps, where you can spin and win Paytm cash online. The user can also earn ₹75 Paytm cash for referring one friend.

App NameMPL (Mobile Premier League)
Spin and EarnUp to ₹1000 Paytm cash by opening MPL for seven days.
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6. Big Cash Application

Big Cash Application

Big Cash is another trusted and genuine mobile application where you can spin and earn Paytm cash online. In this app, you will get only one to three spins daily and up to and a chance of winning up to ₹15 on each spin. Apart from this, you can also play different games on Big Cash and win Paytm cash. For each refer in Big Cash, you will get ₹30.

App NameBig Cash
Spin and EarnUp to ₹15
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7. Winzo


Winzo is another popular online gaming application with the former Indian skipper Ms Dhoni as a brand ambassador. In Winzo, you can earn Paytm cash by playing some of the popular games such as Free Fire, Fruit Samurai, COD, Carrom, Bubble Shooter, etc. You get free spin and win Paytm cash in Winzo along with other exciting rewards and can withdraw your earning easily. Here, you can also win ₹15 per game by solving daily puzzles.

App NameWinzo
Spin and Earn₹10 to ₹15
LinkDownlaod Now

8. Dhani App

Dhani app

Dhani is an online application where you can spin and earn Paytm cash online where you can also manage your bill payments easily. Dhani is an useful application where you can manage your Demat, invest in stock, recharge, pay bills, etc. Here, you can also play a variety of games like Basketball, Pacman, Hit the Bullseye and many more.

App NameDhani
Spin and EarnUp to ₹6 or more
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9. Intevideos App

Intervideos is also one of the apps that allow you to spin and win Paytm cash online. You can easily login to Intervideos using your Paytm number and can also earn money by watching videos and playing games in this app.If you invite your friends to Intervideos, you earn ₹100 in Paytm and can win up to ₹2-10 by spinning the wheel. You can also earn coins by completing daily tasks in Intervideos and use them to buy Mobile Phone and other products. 

App NameIntervideos
Spin and EarnUp to ₹2
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10. TopQuiz Trivia Game

TopQuiz Trivia Game

Unlike other apps, Top quiz provide you coins for spinning the wheel which you can use to play games and earn real Paytm cash. The quizzes are simple and can be played by anyone easily. You can either play mega quiz to win a huge amount or a cash quiz to earn money quickly. The user will get 150 coins after registering for the first time and 100 coins by referring one friend.

App NameTop Quiz
Spin and EarnUp to 20 coins
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11. Cash Back Zone

Cash Back Zone

CashBack Zone is another app where you can free spin and earn Paytm cash online. In CashBack Zone, you can also win earn money by watching ads, completing daily tasks and referring friends. 

App NameCashBack Zone
Spin and EarnUp to 5 coins
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What is the best earning app in 2024?

In 2024, there are different apps through which you can earn money online:
Fantasy Khiladi
U Speak We Pay.
Pocket Money.
Roz Dhan.
Current Rewards.

What are the top 10 money earning apps without investment 2024?

You can go through the following Money Earning apps online with zero investment:
Roz Dhan.
Current Rewards.
Pocket Money.
The Panel Station.

How can I earn 100 rs daily?

Here is the list of some of the online money making apps through which you can earn up to Rs. 100 daily:
Fantasy Khiladi Ludo – No.1 Money Making App. …
Google Opinion Rewards – Best Money Making App Without Investment. …
Roz Dhan – Earn Wallet Cash. …
Meesho – Earn Money Online Via Reselling. …
Cashboss – Earn Cash & Recharge. …
TaskBucks – Earn Rewards.

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