Ludo King has become a popular board game worldwide, especially during the epidemic when people are forced to stay at home. Ludo King proved to be an exceptional game that was being enjoyed by people of every age group people. This game is not only for entertainment, but it is a perfect game to make mental strength properly. However, sometimes it is good to try to play some new games or play games similar to Ludo King. Ludo King is a popular game around the world, but also there are many such board games whose boredom can be removed by playing on mobiles, you can earn some money in return. Here, we will talk about some alternatives to Ludo King! Sip a coffee and enjoy the blog!

Future Of Board Games Like Ludo King

A 2019 study published by ReportLinker predicts that the global board game market will exceed a value of $12 billion by 2023. While Ludo King was the dominant board game since its release in 2016, it is no longer the only leading board game of 2021. 

Have you ever thought about how many people downloaded Ludo King in 2021? The data is definitely shocking. Because every person must have played the role of Ludo King once in the lockdown. Apart from Ludo King, a lot of online Ludo game apps were downloaded during the Corona epidemic, which is similar to Ludo King, but can also earn money from those Ludo gaming apps.

Top 7 Alternative Of Ludo King

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo is a top alternative game to Ludo King, which is a popular earn real money game in India. Like Ludo King, Fantasy Khiladi Ludo is a digital version of the classic board game Ludo, where players roll dice to move their pieces around the board and try to get them to the finish line before their opponents and get Upto 10 lakh Paytm cash.

However, there are some differences between Fantasy Khiladi Ludo and Ludo King. With Fantasy Khiladi Ludo, you can earn money and win exciting prizes with different and unique modes.

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo features

If you’re a fan of Ludo and you’re looking for a fun and engaging alternative to Ludo King and want to earn cash prizes, then Fantasy Khiladi Ludo might be worth checking out.

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 Ludo Star

Ludo Star is another popular alternative to Ludo King, offering a similar online version of the board game Ludo. Like Ludo King, Ludo Star allows players to roll dice to move their pieces around the board and compete against other players. Ludo Star has a system of rewards and achievements that players can earn by completing different challenges within the game. This adds an extra level of excitement and motivation for players to keep playing and improving their skills.

Ludo Master

Ludo Master is a popular and exciting board game that has become one of the top choices for gamers, following in the footsteps of Ludo King. Whether you want to relive your childhood memories or bond with your friends, relatives, or colleagues over a fun game, Ludo Master is the perfect match for you. With an offline mode available, you can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere you want.

Ludo Master offers challenging yet easy-to-play gameplay, making it a great choice for gamers who seek enjoyment and excitement. If you’re looking for a new board game to try, you can download Ludo Master from the link below and start playing today.

Ludo Club

Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game is another popular multiplayer board game that’s enjoyed by gamers worldwide. As a perfect source of online entertainment, Ludo Club offers a unique combination of playing, chatting, and learning new skills to improve your gameplay and win the game.

With Ludo Club, gamers have the opportunity to join a growing global community and interact with other players through the fun chat feature. The multiplayer gameplay also allows you to team up with friends or play against random opponents, adding an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game.

Ludo SuperStar

Ludo Superstar is the fifth most popular Ludo board game after Ludo King, with nearly 200k user downloads. It’s a great game to spend quality time with your loved ones and family members.

If you’re looking to roll the dice and have some fun, Ludo Superstar is the perfect choice for you. With additional features and rules that set it apart from Ludo King, this game offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

If you want to try a new and exciting Ludo game, then Ludo Superstar can be perfect for you. You can download it from the google play store.

Yalla Ludo

Although not yet a widely known Ludo game, Yalla Ludo has gained a significant number of downloads in a short period of time. Unlike other Ludo games that only offer four gameplay modes – Classic, Master, Quick, and Magic – Yalla Ludo takes a different approach.

In addition to these modes, the game developers have added a unique twist to the game through their Domino: Drew Game mode. This feature allows players to chat with each other via voice chat at any time, making it easy to meet new friends and enjoy the game together.

Ludo Neo- Classic

Ludo Neo-Classic is a game that’s been gaining popularity recently, much like Ludo King. One of the reasons for its popularity is its support for major Indian languages, making it accessible to players of all literacy levels and languages.

The game follows all the classic rules of Ludo without any unnecessary additions to the gameplay. It boasts a simple user interface and can be a perfect game for elders who want a straightforward yet elegant app to pass the time.

Overall, Ludo Neo-Classic is a great alternative to Ludo King, especially for those who prefer a simpler, more traditional gameplay experience. 

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