Nowadays, earning money with and without investment is the choice of many. People search for several ways through which they can earn while sitting at home or otherwise. A lot of techniques and ways have emerged through which one can easily earn a decent amount to their name. But what if someone told you that you can earn one lakh rupees? Yes, you heard that right. We are bringing you ways to earn 10 lakh rupees a month. However, it might sound unrealistic that one can earn ten lakh rupees, but it is not that tricky either. Earning 10 lakhs a month might require some additional effort, dedication and most importantly patience but is well worth setting your eyes on if you want to. Let us look at some of the top ways to earn 10 lakhs a month.

Top 10 Ways to Earn 10 Lakh Rs. Per Month

1. Investments


While investments can be risky and heart-wrenching, they can offer great pay and a sum of money to you as well. One must know that investing has been one of the prevalent ways of earning money nowadays. Some common ways of investing and earning include:

  • Stock Market Investing- A very common method of earning money, stock market investing requires a person to buy or invest in different stocks and wait for their value to soar. However, it does not guarantee a handsome return but could well increase the chances of earning a whopping amount.
  • Real Estate Investments: This is one of the proven ways of earning 10 lakhs per month over since time immemorial. Real Estate Investments have a high chance of generating a good income. This method requires you to acquire or invest in a property that has a commercial end to it, i.e. located commercially and then generate a healthy income out of the rents accumulated from them. One can also invest in multiple properties after generating income from the initial ones
  • Mutual Funds and Bonds: This is yet another way of earning money that has taken a major fold nowadays, especially in the youth. Investing in funds allows you to attract a decent interest to your money which can also be your source of income. This method asks you to invest your earned money in various funds that garner a certain rate of interest as per your investment. However, one should also remember that this method can also work against you as the rate of interest might dynamically take a downfall.

2. Online Ventures

Online Ventures

E-commerce Businesses-

Nowadays, one does not need to look for shops or stalls to start their business. The advent of e-commerce platforms has made it even simpler for people to directly reach their consumers and sell their products easily. One can simply post their products on those e-commerce platforms. Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho require some minimal investment but can yield maximum results.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are oblivious to ways of earning money through marketing, you should surely step into affiliate marketing. A freelance form of marketing, affiliate marketing allows you to simply earn money by earning commissions through marketing for another company. One can earn a decent commission for every sale the marketer can make.

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3. Content Writing and blogging

Content writing

If you are someone who has an unbounded obsession for writing, content writing might be very suitable for you. One can easily post written content for or at various websites and firms and can earn money accordingly. Similarly, one can also start his/her blog and generate a good amount of money.

Sites to work as a content writer include

  • Upwork
  • iWriter
  • Pro-blogger

Sites where you can start your blog

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Ghost

4. Traditional marketing techniques

Franchise Opportunities

Many leading factories look to grow business across different sectors of a certain region but aren’t known and are oblivious to the audience that might be present in these regions and do not necessarily have the workforce to take over. Hence, to cater for this, these companies often sell their franchises on a part of land or estate to people who can earn a part of the commission. A successful setting up of the franchise gives you a regular part of the generated income.

Product Manufacturing

Another traditional way of earning money, this method requires you to manufacture any product(s) and sell them at your prices. However, it may even have a few consequences if the product is not sold and can also land a person in financial debt.

Service-based businesses

This type of method involves providing your services to the client. For example, catering services, graphic designing, event management etc. are some of the opportunities where can provide these services.

5. Freelance and consultation


High-paying freelance opportunities

Freelancing has taken quite a boom when it comes to considering growth and career opportunities. In the current world, it is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. One can consider freelance opportunities that have high pay like video editing, copywriting, Graphic designing etc. One must hold the required accessories and knowledge for working as a freelancer in any of the above-mentioned. The turnover is indeed mind-boggling in every sense.


Consultation is another proven way of earning a handsome amount of money. One can simply open his/her firm for dealing, representing and even outsourcer of consultation works for many reputed firms for deriving a good income.

People who make 10 lakh a month

After having been through all of this, you might be wondering if there has been someone as real as you in flesh and blood who has been able to earn this much. Well, there have been a great many people who have been able to achieve this stint. Let us talk about one of them.

Ayushman Pandita is a content creator and entrepreneur who has been able to generate earnings of up to 10 lakh rupees a month. Ayushman had a decent-paying job and wanted to become a millionaire at a certain age. However, he believed in the art of working for himself instead of working for some other place. It was then that he decided to quit his job and delve into entrepreneurship and content creation.

Pandita launched his merchandise store of Formula 1 t-shirts which got him a great income in the very first week. Later, he also turned his attention to content creation and collaboration which got him big hits. Over time, Pandit was able to generate a very high-earning income for himself.

Risks and management

One should not be very greedy about earning money as it can also lead to financial losses. Additionally, patience is key or generating a good income. Any step with impatience can have long-lasting consequences. Hence, it is important to be able to strike a balance between patience and investment.

The dynamics of the market are very dynamic, you never know what comes next. Hence, it is very important to be able to have a check and balance of your tactics. Since nothing is fail-proof in business, one should keep himself backed up for unwarranted damages.

How to earn 10 lakhs per month without investment?

Since there are several ways through which one can earn 10 lakhs per month, one requires a minimal investment in almost every sector. Ways like content creation on YouTube, writing and freelancing can earn you a good amount.


Which job gives 10 lakh per month?

Business consulting, real estate business and manufacturing are some of the many jobs that can give you 10 lakhs per month.

How to earn 10 to 15 lakh per month?

Freelancing, YouTube content creation, copywriting, and video editing are some jobs that can earn you Rs. 10-15 lakhs a month

How to get 10 lakhs immediately?

One can immediately get Rs. 10 lakhs by taking a loan from a bank. However, needs to have collateral for backing the amount.

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