Telegram is a very popular app in India. More than 550 million people around the world use it, and 22% of those people are in India. Because of this, many people are finding ways to make money using Telegram. They create channels where they share information and earn money from it. Some people even make up to $20,000 every month!

If you want to join in on this, we have a list of the top Telegram channels in India and we’ll also show you how to make your own channel that can earn you money.

How to Earn Money From Telegram: Some Popular Ways

If you have a Telegram channel, there are ways to make money from it. Here are some simple strategies:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This means you share special deals from different companies on your channel. When people buy through the links you share, you earn some money.
  2. Ads and Sponsored Posts: Once your channel has lots of members, you can put up ads or posts promoting other channels or businesses. They pay you for this.
  3. Paid Subscription: You can create a private channel and offer special content to people who pay a small fee. This way, you have a steady income from them.
  4. Selling Stuff: If you have things to sell or services to offer, you can do it on your channel. Share interesting stuff about your products and services, and even use special features to give good deals to your subscribers.

Top 30+ Money Earning Channels on Telegram

join fk ludo telegram channel
Channel NameSubscribersLink
Ludo Bheem2,173Join Now
Fantasy Khiladi Prediction2,382Join Now
realearnkaro21,560Join Now
PremiumLootDeals7,614Join Now
Loot_Dealsx3,118 Join Now
Offerzone_deals4,534Join Now
roobaiofficial2,75,673Join Now
Bestlootdeals12,891Join Now
dealspoint1,703Join Now
Loot_Offers_Dealss12,205Join Now
Offerzone_Tricks_12,213Join Now
TrickXpert9,50,073Join Now
bestlootdeals071,055Join Now
freekamaal72,990Join Now
icoolzTricks1,86,582Join Now
Telugutechtvdeals2,44,855 Join Now
Dealsvelocity606 Join Now
Couponbazi36,370 Join Now
Techofferstoday74.5KJoin Now
Levelupwithankit565Join Now
tech24deals2,33,885Join Now
Tekonline34,201Join Now
Takedealsofficialloots63,418Join Now
BestDealsInIND2,12,975 Join Now
Earn with Sapna77,398Join Now
Money- Crypto| Finance| Stock83,940Join Now
Joindhan34,061Join Now
Fire_Deals3,432Join Now
Free Earner group2,112Join Now
Ez Referrals73,062Join Now
Airdrop Heroes1 067Join Now
Click Bee Community 🇬🇧11,162Join Now

Best Money Earning Telegram Groups/Channels Name List

1. Ludo Bheem

Ludo Bheem money earning telegram channel

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo is the 2024 best app to play Ludo while earning money on Telegram. This amazing Ludo app has more than 1500 subscribers. On its official telegram link page you will find the Fantasy Ludo app download link. So what are you waiting for download the Fantasy Ludo app and start to earn that “Ki Char log pooche, kis app par khelte ho”

2. Realearnkaro

Realearnkaro money earning channels on telegram

Earnkaro is another amazing telegram link that provides you best ludo deals, offers, and discounts. EarnKaro telegram link has more than 15k subscribers.  

3. PremiumLootDeals

PremiumLootDeals money earning channels

If you are a shopaholic then PremiumLootDeals is for you. PremiumLootDeals provides you the best money-saving deals and offers. Which can help you to save some extra bucks on your next shopping trip. PremiumLootDeals telegram channel has more than 2 million subscribers. 

4. Loot_Dealsx

Loot_Dealsx money earning channels on telegram

Trending Loot Deal is another popular telegram channel that offers you the best money-saving deals and offers on various products. This Telegram channel has more than 1 million subscribers. 

5. Offerzone_deals

Offerzone_deals money earning telegram channels

 If you want the best discount and offers, then Offerzone Deals is for you. Offerzone has many lucrative discounts on many branded products. OfferZone Telegram channel has more than 774K subscribers. 

FAQs About Earn Money From Telegram Channel

How can I earn money from Telegram without investment?

To earn money on Telegram without any investment, try mutual advertising, share really good content, get at least 500 followers, and organize contests to bring more people to your channel.

Is Telegram paid now?

No, Telegram is still free to use. All of the core features of Telegram, such as messaging, groups, channels, and voice and video calls, remain free for everyone.

How can I promote my own money earning channel on Telegram?

Create high-quality content, use relevant keywords, and promote on other social media platforms.

How to get 1k subscribers on Telegram?

Getting 1k subscribers on Telegram takes time and effort, but it is definitely possible. Here are a few tips:
1. Create a channel that is focused on a specific niche
2. Post high-quality content on a regular basis
3. Use relevant keywords in your channel name, bio, and post titles
4. Promote your channel on other social media platforms
5. Run contests and giveaways

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