If you are looking for the best quiz apps to earn money in India in the New Year 2024. Then you are on the right web page as we are about to reveal the top 10 quiz apps where you can answer and win real cash. 

You can play daily trivia on these top 10 apps and win Paytm cash for real. You can easily transfer your reward money into your bank account or to the Paytm wallet. All these apps are entirely free and there are no hidden charges or anything. 

Use your knowledge to answer the question and earn money online without any investment. So without further ado let’s begin with our top 10 trivia apps for Paytm Cash in 2024. 

Best Quiz Apps in 2024 To Earn Paytm Cash

1. QuizWin

QuizWin App to earn money

QuizWin is at the top of our list of best quiz apps to earn Paytm cash. You will find quizzes based on general knowledge, Science, Math, IQ Tests, sports, nature, books, Islamic, etc. If you are getting bored at work use QuizWin to kill your boredom and make money out of it. 

Features of QuizWin – Earn Real Money in 2024 

  • Daily quiz play with your friends and win.
  • Watch videos and redeem daily rewards on QuizWin.
  • Select your favorite topic from the long list of categories.

2. Loco

Loco quizz apps to earn paytm cash

Loco is one of the best quiz apps for earning real cash. Here you can come and play daily quizzes and earn real Paytm cash including other rewards in 2024. Loco has exciting features like time-based quizzes, live quizzes, and quizzes where you can participate with hundreds of people and earn a winning share. 

Loco Features 

  • Explore and learn to enhance your knowledge for the next trivia
  • You can refer and earn while playing quizzes with your friends and family. 
  • Other features like leaderboards, referral programs, and daily quizzes.

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3. BaaziNow

BaaziNow Quizz app to earn cash

BaaziNow is another 2024 trivia app on our list that gives real money for playing quizzes. BaaziNow is mostly popular for its live trivia games where hundreds of participants compete live with each other. In the end, the top players share the winning amount.  You can transfer your money to your Paytm wallet or Mobikwik wallet and use it for your cash payments or phone recharges.   

BaaziNow Features 

  • You can play Bingo games, live poll games, and Live Trivia games.
  • Earn extra cash by referring to the BaaziNow app to your friends and family. 
  •  Wide range of categories for Trivia lovers. 

4. Qureka: Play Quizzes & Learn

Earn money by solving quizz with Qureka

Qureka is another top quiz app that pays real money for completing quizzes. Answer correctly and win real money which you can transfer to your Paytm wallet. It also offers its referral program in which inviting friends from your contact list can give you extra cash. 

Qureka Features 

  • Play daily quizzes on the Qureka app
  • You can also play hourly quizzes daily 
  • You can play while preparing for the various competitive exams because of a wide range of categories. 

5. MPL Quiz

MPL Quiz

MPL or Mobile Premiere League is based on the IPL theme where you can make a cricket team and win cash for the best team to win. MPL Quiz is also an MPL app where you can answer questions related to cricket, IPL, or other sports as well. Sport is also an integral part of current affairs and general knowlege in various competition exams. You can participate in the MPL quiz and boost your sports knowledge and the bonus if you get the right answer. MPL Quiz allows you to withdraw your money to your Paytm account.  

MPL Quiz Features 

  • Unique and fun mobile games and quizzes based on cricket and other sports.
  • Boost your general knowledge while giving real cash rewards.
  • Multiple categories, battle mode, compete with real competitors around the world.

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6. Paytm First Games 

You don’t need to leave Paytm if you are interested in so many exciting offers and rewards. Paytm has its own First Game platform where you can multiple games including daily and live quizzes as well. You can experience rummy, fantasy games, and trivia with thousands of rupees rewards. Paytm First Games is the most secure and trusted app with a fast money withdrawal option.  

PayTm First Games Features 

  • Easy and fast withdrawal option.
  • Trusted app created by Paytm itself.
  • Exciting daily awards and 100% secure.

7. Quizys: Play Quiz & Earn Cash 


Quizys is next on our play quiz and win the Paytm cash list in 2024. Quizys is another top trivia games app where you can play more than 250 games and earn real cash. You can also select different one-on-one or group battle modes to compete with others  

Quizys Features

  • Earn real Paytm cash while learning about different topics
  • Select trivia from 250 plus games and quizzes. 
  • Choose from 1 v/s 1 battle or in a group battle mode. 

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8. Quizzy- Trivia Game 


Quizzy offers a different approach where every question is either a comment or a fact that will increase your general knowledge. You can select from many categories including General knowledge, sports, entertainment, Science and Technology are just a few names. It’s interactive user interface is the one that makes it popular among the users. 


  • Multiple game modes
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Earn a coin for every right answer

9. WinQuiz – Trivia Quiz Game


WinQuiz is a money-earning daily quiz app. Using the WinQuiz app you can boost your IQ  power and win daily gift cards from top brands. WinQuiz has 7 categories and each category has more than 1000 questions. 

Win Quiz Features 

  • WinQuiz’s new trivia app rewards in gift cards from top brands 
  • Redeem your gift cards with the Paytm app
  • A daily news quiz to enhance your IQ power  

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10. Bujho To Jane 

Bujho To Jane is a widely popular quiz app to make money online without any investment. You can select many categories from GK, Politics, Science, Social Science, Maths, English, Hindi, History and other main subjects. It is a fun way to learn and prepare for your next upcoming competitive exam. The top 3 rankers will get the cash prizes in the Bujho To Jane app.   

Bujho To Jane Features 

  • Fun app with daily GK knowledge
  • Interesting daily quiz to enhance your general knowledge
  • Interactive user-friendly interface

So there are 10 best 2024 quiz apps to make Paytm cash online without any investment. So start downloading your favorite quiz app and make some real cash while learning. 

FAQ Play Quiz and Win Paytm Cash

Can I make money from a quiz app?

Yes, you can absolutely make money from a quiz app. Many quiz apps in India offer the opportunity to win cash prizes by answering questions correctly. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your chances of earning money.

Which quiz app gives real money?

Several quiz apps in India provide the opportunity to win real money. Some popular ones include Quizistan, QuizWin, MPL (Mobile Premier League), and Loco. These apps offer cash prizes to users who answer questions correctly and perform well in the quizzes.

Which app is offering money for referring to the game?

There are various apps that offer referral rewards for inviting others to join the game. One such example is MPL (Mobile Premier League). MPL has a referral program where you can earn money for each person you refer who signs up and starts playing on the app. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash by spreading the word about the app to your friends and acquaintances.

How can I play quiz and earn money?

Online Quiz Apps: Many apps on the App Store and Google Play Store offer real-time quizzes where you can earn money or rewards. Examples include:
HQ Trivia: A live trivia game show where you can win real cash prizes.
Swagbucks: While primarily a rewards site, it does offer trivia games where you can earn points convertible to cash or gift cards.
Websites with Quizzes: Some websites host quiz games or competitions and offer cash prizes or vouchers.
Kahoot!: Originally an educational platform, there are often sponsored quizzes where you can win prizes.
Websites of Brands: Sometimes, brands host quizzes as marketing campaigns and offer prizes or cash.
Local Pub Quizzes: While not online, many local bars or pubs have trivia nights where teams compete for cash prizes or vouchers.
Participate in Game Shows: Shows like ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ or ‘Jeopardy!’ are essentially quiz shows where participants can win significant amounts of money.
Educational Platforms: Websites like QuizUp or Sporcle might not offer direct cash rewards, but being a top player can give you recognition, which can be leveraged in different ways, such as by hosting your own paid quizzes.
Freelance as a Quiz Writer: If you’re good at creating quizzes, platforms like Upwork or Fiverr often have clients looking for people to create quizzes for educational or marketing purposes. While this isn’t playing quizzes, it’s a way to earn money from them.

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