Best UPI Earning Apps: You might have wondered how to earn money online from earning apps. Imagine if all your winnings can be transferred directly to your UPI-id without any delay. Perfect scenario right? Here in this blog, we’ll introduce you to the 5 Best UPI Earning Apps Without Investment in India, where you can win real money and withdraw it to your UPI-ID directly. These apps have an easy interface and you can easily use these apps to make real money. So, if you’re interested in making money online you should try these 5 Best UPI Earning Apps. 

Before we get into the list of 5 Best UPI Earning Apps Without Investment in India, some of you would like to know why UPI Earning Apps?

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Best UPI Earning Apps Without Investment

Now, let’s dive deeper into the best 5 UPI earning apps without any investment that has risen above the competition.

GameDescriptionDevice CompatibilityRating (out of 5)ProsCons
Ludo BheemEarn real money by playing Ludo Game. Earn money based on your performanceAndroid, iOS 4.5– Fast and easy withdrawals, and low commission rates.Can be addictive
TaskBucksPlay easy quizzes and games to earn quick money.Android, iOS 4.3– Fast winnings and easy secure withdrawals.– Requires basic knowledge about the rules of quizzes.
TolokaYou can opt for work from home, or mark video quality as good or bad, both tasks will earn you money.Android, iOS 4.1–Easy user interface and tasks that don’t require much knowledge.– It may not always be that fun to use.
FeaturePointsEarn money by trying apps, completing surveys, and through online shopping. Earn up to $5 per survey.Android, iOS3.8– Do try different apps share your opinion and get paid.– Some tasks require the installation of different apps.
mCentmCent is a unique app where you can earn money by completing tasks like downloading particular apps, visiting websites, and watching videos.Android, iOS2.8– Use it as your web browser and daily searches will make you money.– You can only use the earned money for Mobile Recharges.

1. Ludo Bheem

Ludo Bheem

Ludo Bheem is one of the best UPI money-earning apps on this list, In this app, you can play ludo, fantasy cricket, and other sports to win real cash, and withdraws from this app is very fast and secure so, you need not to worry about your earned money. 

Launched In2022

2. TaskBucks – Earn Rewards


TaskBucks is an online quiz and games app where users can play simple quizzes to enhance their knowledge about the general world and also at the same time this app is competitive. You get to play against other users in different games. Just play the contest and give answers to all the questions to win the prize.

Launched In2014

3. Toloka – Earn Online

Toloka - Best upi earning app

Toloka is an online money-earning app where you get to choose from various tasks online and offline and by completing those tasks you can earn money. It is a very simple app where each person can earn without any prior knowledge. Users have a special task as well where they have to tell if a video’s quality is good enough for a smartphone.

Launched In2017

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4. FeaturePoints

This app is made for all to earn money and rewards, the method is simple, try specific apps and complete surveys by giving your own opinion. If you are into online shopping then this app is a must-have for you as you will get rewarded for the online shopping you do through this app.

Launched In2013

5. mCent – Get Rewarded

This app is a web browser where you can earn money just by using the app as your normal web browser for daily queries. There are tasks in this app that users can complete like installing and trying certain apps and reacting to specific videos. Each task gives you coins that can be used to do mobile recharges.

Launched In2017

Here Is Why You Need A UPI-Enabled Earning App?

  • UPI is fast and secure.
  • It is easier to withdraw your winnings in UPI than in a Bank Account.
  • Convenient and simple to use.
  • No bank details are required during payment.

Now you know why UPI Apps for earning are a must-have in your mobile so let’s get onto the list of 5 Best UPI Earning Apps in India.

In short, earning money from the above-mentioned apps is simple, quick, and interactive. We have not included any app that has a complex interface and boring games, or tasks. You can download these apps and enjoy a cheerful time while earning money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a UPI earning app?

A UPI earning app is a platform that uses the Unified Payments Interface for transactions and offers users various ways to earn money.

Are UPI earning apps safe?

Yes, all the mentioned UPI earning apps follow robust security protocols to keep user data safe.

How do UPI earning apps generate income for users?

Users can earn through various activities such as playing games, completing surveys, browsing the internet, and shopping.

Can I use multiple UPI earning apps?

Yes, you can use multiple apps to maximize your earning potential.

Which is the best UPI earning app?

The “best” app depends on individual preferences and needs. Review the features of each app to determine which suits you best.

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