Rummy is one of the most popular online money-earning games in India if you are seeking the best Rummy app to earn money online without investment in 2024. 

PlayStore is full of Rummy apps that claim profitable cash offers and rewards. But these apps are often hard to find especially on PlayStore. Many of these online money-earning apps without investment are a total waste of time and full of ads and no withdrawal option. 

To save you loads of time we are here with the best side hustle app to earn extra income in your free time. Because we have made a top 10 Rummy money-making apps in 2024 without any investment.

But first, let’s learn more about the online Rummy games and learn how to play Rummy on these apps. 

How To Play Rummy and What are the sets and rules of online Rummy?

Rummy is one of the oldest card games and is legal in India. Rummy has been played by family members or friends on various occasions. Where everything is becoming digital, the Rummy card game isn’t far behind. You can play Rummy online on your smartphone with your friends and family just like play in real life. 

Online Rummy is based on the classic Rummy card game. And the rules are the same as the real ones. 

  • Mostly Rummy is played by 2 or six players with 1 or 2 decks of cards including Joker as a substitute for any card. Each player gets 13 cards and the rest of the cards are placed in the center of the table called closed pile or deck. 
  • A Random computer pick decides which player gets the first chance to pick a card from the closed deck. 
  •  Every player gets turns to draw and discard to make sequences and tries their best to make sequences of 3 or 4 cards by picking and discarding the card. 
  • A set in Rummy can be the same number card of different suits or it can be a set of sequences of the same suit. A joker in a set still counts as a valid set in Rummy. 

So now you know all the rules of online Rummy let’s dive into the best Rummy games in India for extra income in 2024.

Best Rummy Earning Apps Without Investment in 2024

1. RummyCulture

Rummy Culture

RummyCulture is India’s trusted rummy app introduced by GamesKraft to win real cash prizes. It is one of the biggest online rummy gaming platforms to play without any investment. Guinness World record holder RummyCulture is available in 5 different regional languages with 24×7 customer support. Other RummyCulture features are as follows-

  • Multiple Tournaments are available like Daily Finale, Daily Bumper Cash, and Points Tournaments
  • Rummy variants available like 61 Pool, 101 Pool, 201 Pool, Points, and daily
  • RNG and BOT-certified rummy app
  • 24×7 customer support in 5 different regional languages

The table has all the details related to the Rummy Culture in the table. 

Launched in 2017
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up
Reviews 40.9k

2. Rummy Circle


The first app in the top ten money-earning rummy apps list is Rummy Circle. Rummy Circle was created by the Games24x7 in 2012. Rummy Circle has more than 1 Crore downloads and 2.65L reviews with 4.2 ratings on Google PlayStore. On Rummy Circle you can play your favorite Rummy variations like Points, Pool, and Deals. With daily cash offers, you can get up to Rs 2,000 bonuses. Other than that Rummy Circle has many features mentioned below. 

  • Rummy Circle offers free tournaments to win real money.
  • Play Rummy 24×7 and win daily cash prizes
  • Knockout Indian Tournaments are available on the Rummy Circle 
  • Super fast Rummy tables with multi-player options
  • Instant payment options with credit/debit card or UPI options 
  • RNG-certified games iTech Labs 

The table has all the details related to the Rummy Circle in the table. 

Rummy Circle 
Launched in 2012
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up
Reviews 2.65L

3. Gamezy: RummyPrime App 

Rummy Prime

Gamezy is one of the biggest gaming platforms for online Rummy, Poker, Fantasy Cricket, and Ludo. RummyPrime is a Gamezy rummy app to win daily big cash prizes. RummyPrime has many free tournaments where you can play rummy and win big money.

However, on your first two deposits in Rummy Circle can get you Rs 10,000 discount. Rummy Prime has many features including a referral bonus of upto Rs 500 on each invite. You get the bonus every time your friend makes deposit and plays Rummy. Other features of Gamezy RummyPrime are as follows. 

  • You can play cash games for full deposit value
  • Multiple tournaments without entry fees or deposit. 
  • Instant withdrawal option for your winning amount 
  • Zero waiting time as thousands of daily active players
  • You can play unlimited free games on RummyPrime  

You can download the Gamezy RummyPrime from its official Gamezy website or from the link in the table below

Gamezy: RummyPrime
Launched in 2023
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up

4. A23 Rummy 

A23 Rummy

A23 is a multi-gaming platform that offers many online games to earn real money including Rummy. Recently A23 launched its new campaign whose brand ambassador is famous actress Rakul Preet Singh. A23 Rummy is one of the safest and 100% secured money-earning rummy apps. Tourneys like Monday Mania, Wow Wednesday, and Thursday Thunder offer real money from Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs10 Lakhs daily. It allows you to 24×7 withdrawals option so you can instantly cash out your money. 

  • A23 Rummy has the fairest gameplay and encourages to play to win  
  • More than 6 crore player base makes it the biggest Rummy platform. 
  • A23 has an invitation-only VIP Club with additional features. The invitation is based on your merit and daily activity in the app. 
  • Get daily/weekly missions to get exciting offers and gift vouchers
  • An Ace point will be rewarded on each Rs100 you play in A23 Cash games and premium entry tournaments    
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices

  Download the A23 Rummy app from the link in the table below-

A23 Rummy  
Launched in 2022
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up

5. Junglee Rummy: Play Cash Rummy 

Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy is a free app earning app where you can play rummy and win real cash. Jugalee Rummy is a real app available for both Android and iOS players. Junglee Rummy is India’s most trusted platform with 24×7 customer care support. Other Junglee Rummy features are as follows:

  • Refer and earn upto Rs1000 for each successful invite
  • A daily deposit limit is set which makes Junglee rummy is most responsible online rummy app. 
  •  Junglee Rummy has 24×7 tournaments available like the Rummy Premier League, Daily Finale, Weekly Finale, Monthly Finale, and Grand Finale  
  • Multiple free tournaments are available without any entry fees means winning real money without any investment.

You can download the Junglee Rummy app from its official website. Or you can click on the Junglee Rummy link in the table below to download the app.   

Junglee Rummy: Play Cash Rummy 
Launched in 2022
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up
Reviews 109K

6. Winzo Rummy

Winzo Rummy

Winzo Rummy is one of many online money-earning games in India. Winzo Rummy is a legitimate game that offers a chance to win real cash without any investments. It is safe to play rummy on the Winzo platform as it is certified as the most secure gaming platform. 

  • Many Rummy variations available like Pool, Deals, and Points
  • Winzo Rummy is BOT-certified means only real players
  • RNG certified which means Winzo is the first online rummy app
  • Advanced withdrawal and deposit system for fast cash out. Plus daily deposit limitations make it more responsible game. 

You can download Wnzo Rummy from its official website or click the link down below in the table.

Winzo Rummy
Launched in 2018
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up
Reviews 150k+

7. RummyTime

Rummy Time

Rummytime is another popular rummy app that offers unlimited free tournaments and games to win real cash prizes. You can get upto 10% rewards on your first add cash for 7 days. Rummy Time offers multiple offers like discount credit options in both withdrawal and winning. Other Rummytime features are as follows-

  •  Rummy variations like Points game, Deals game, 101 Pool game, 201 Pool game, and 61 Pool Game. 
  • Withdraw earnings in 60 seconds using the instant withdrawal option by transferring directly to your bank account or the UPI option. 
  •  Zero fraud guarantee, 24×7 customer support
Rummy Time- Rummy Cash Game 
Launched in 2022
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up
Reviews 12K

8. MPL Rummy

MPL Rummy

MPL Rummy is the oldest gaming platform in India which often offers many big cash prizes on a big festive and daily/weekly basis. In MPL Rummy, ‘Freeroll Tournaments’ is by far the most popular tournament where a player doesn’t have to deposit any money or any kings of entry fees. You can simply enter the tournament in real money. Other MPL features make it the most fun and exciting rummy app in India. 

  • MPL is RNG certified game 
  • Offers upto win Rs 3 crore every month via leaderboard 
  • 24×7 live game monitoring and Anti-cheat AI detection & fraud 
  • MPL Rummy offers instant bonus withdrawal. There’s no need to unlock 
  • Various types of rummy games are available including Points, deals, 21-card games, 13-card, Pool, Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, etc
  • Multiple Tournaments like freeroll, Loyalty Point, and Cash Tournament
  • Available for both iOS and Android users 

The table has all the MPL Rummy details and official download link below

MPL: Rummy Cash Games, Fantasy  
Launched in 2022
Download Link
Required Version6.0 & up 
Reviews 3M

9. KhelPlay Rummy- Cash Game

Khelplay Rummy

KhelPlay Rummy is next on our rummy money-making apps without any investments. Now you can play your favorite rummy game in your own language. KhelPlay Rummy has many tournaments including free and cash. You can play rummy without even investing a single coin by participating in the “Don’t Pay, Just Play “ offer. In this free-entry tournament, you can win real money without any investment. 

However, KhelPlay Rummy offers a 222% bonus on your first deposit maximum of 1 Lakh. You can also win a prize pool of Rs 5000 in a daily freeroll tournament. Other Features of KhelPlay Rummy are

  • KhelPlay free entry tournaments like freeroll, don’t pay just Play, etc
  • KhelPlay Rummy offers many rewards like freebies, bonuses, and instant cash
  • 24×7 customer caste support
  • RNG certification makes it a trusted rummy app
  • Play rummy in your favorite language 
  • Multi-tables and multi-player options available
  • KhelPlay Rummy has a Joker identifier

You can download KhelPlay Rummy from its official website. It is also available in the table below. 

KhelPlay Rummy- Cash Game
Launched in 2012
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up

10. Big Cash Rummy

bigcash rummy

Big Cash Rummy is a real app that offers actual money for playing rummy online. The online gaming company Witzeal developed the Big Cash Rummy app. You can see Bollywood actors Divyendu Sharma, Harshita Gaur, and Akanksha Sharma in the Big Cash Rummy campaign.  Big Cash Rummy has daily free tournaments where you can participate without investing any money.

It is absolutely BOT free so enjoy the clean game with real active players. Other features of Big Cash are as follows :

  • You can get a 100% GST refund on 1st add cash 
  • Different rummy types are available like Points, Pool, and Deals
  • Daily free Tournaments and win big rewards 
  • Big Cash Rummy is available for iOS and Android users. 

The table has all the information related to the Big Cash Rummy app- 

Big Cash Rummy 
Launched in 2020
Download Link
Required Version6.0 and up
Reviews 5k+

So these are our 10 best Rummy apps to earn real cash without any investment in India 2024. 

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