The ICC ODI Batsmen Rankings is the ultimate testimony to the extraordinary skills of these cricketing geniuses who have touched the pinnacle of ODI batting prowess. Today, in Spotlight, we present an in-depth exploration of the epitome of batting genius – the No. 1 ODI batsman in the world and the pride of being the best ODI batsman on the global stage.

Top 20 World Best ODI Batsman Ranking

The ICC periodically updates rankings for batsmen across cricket’s three formats: Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. These ratings, grounded in a intricate algorithm, weigh recent form, opposition quality, match conditions, and game significance. Fans, players, and media track these rankings to assess international standing. Strong, steady displays lead to enhanced rankings, influencing careers, endorsements, and earnings. In essence, ICC Batsman Rankings gauge global cricket performance, offering rewards to consistently impressive players.

Babar Azam no 1 odi batsman

Babar Azam (Rank 1)

  • Rating: 886
  • Career Best Rating: 898
  • Consistent performance with an elegant batting style
  • Leading ODI batsman in 2023
  • A force to reckon with in Pakistan’s lineup

Azam’s recent exploits include remarkable centuries in ODI and T20I series against England, solidifying his stature as a cricketing sensation make him World’s no.1 ODI batsman.

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Rassie van der Dussen (Rank 2)

  • Rating: 777
  • Career Best Rating: 796
  • Rising star with versatile gameplay
  • Adaptable to different match situations
  • Shaping South Africa’s batting prowess
rassie van der dusssen world no 1 odi batsman

Adept both with the bat and on the field, van der Dussen’s contributions elevate South Africa’s performance in every match.

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fakhar zaman odi ranking batsman

Fakhar Zaman (Rank 3)

  • Rating: 755
  • Career Best Rating: 784
  • Explosive opener known for aggressive play
  • Holds record for highest individual score by a Pakistani batsman in ODIs
  • Game-changer for Pakistan

Capable of dispatching monumental sixes, Zaman’s dynamic gameplay is complemented by his sharp running between wickets, making him a potent threat in any match situation.

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Imam-ul-Haq (Rank 4)

  • Rating: 745
  • Career Best Rating: 815
  • Stylish left-hander with elegant technique
  • Adds stability to Pakistan’s batting lineup
  • Contributes consistently in critical situations
inam ul haq odi ranking batsman

His ability to score consistently across different conditions is a testament to his reliability. As a skilled fielder, he bolsters Pakistan’s performance both with the bat and in the field.

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shubhman gill no 1 odi batsman

Shubman Gill (Rank 5)

  • Rating: 743
  • Career Best Rating: 743
  • Young sensation with immense potential
  • Promising performances on the international stage
  • Expected to shine for India in the future

His adaptable batting style enables him to thrive in various scenarios, while his agile fielding contributes to India’s all-around performance. He become no.1 ODI batsman with 743 rating.

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David Warner (Rank 6)

  • Rating: 726
  • Career Best Rating: 880
  • Explosive Australian opener with dynamic gameplay
  • Known for aggressive strokeplay and high strike rate
  • A key contributor to Australia’s batting firepower
david warner best odi batsman

His capability to accelerate the run rate swiftly adds impetus to Australia’s innings. As a dynamic fielder, Warner’s impact extends beyond just batting.

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harry tector world no 1 odi batsman

Harry Tector (Rank 7)

  • Rating: 726
  • Career Best Rating: 726
  • Emerging talent making his presence felt in cricket
  • Steadily building his skills and performance
  • Expected to contribute significantly to his team’s batting lineup

His ability to score consistently across diverse conditions underscores his adaptability. Tector’s fielding prowess further enhances Ireland’s efforts.

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Quinton de Kock (Rank 8)

  • Rating: 718
  • Career Best Rating: 813
  • Dynamic South African wicketkeeper-batsman
  • Adept at playing aggressive shots
  • Key contributor to his team’s success
Quinton de Kock odi batting ranking

A technically sound batsman, his ability to accumulate runs in all conditions is commendable. As a wicket-keeper, de Kock adds depth to South Africa’s lineup.

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virat kohli icc ranking

Virat Kohli (Rank 9)

  • Rating: 705
  • Career Best Rating: 911
  • Indian maestro with textbook batting technique
  • Renowned for consistent and aggressive performances
  • Holds a significant leadership role in the team

His ability to score across conditions and his exemplary leadership as captain have led India to several successful ODI campaigns. With 911 rating, Kohli become world no.1 ODI Batsman.

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Steven Smith (Rank 10)

  • Rating: 702
  • Career Best Rating: 752
  • Crafty Australian batsman with unorthodox style
  • Known for his exceptional placement and timing
  • Consistently contributes to Australia’s batting lineup
Steven Smith no 1 odi batsman

His capacity to score runs in various conditions is a testament to his skill. Smith’s fielding prowess contributes to Australia’s all-around performance.

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rohit sharma best odi batsman

Rohit Sharma (Rank 11)

  • Rating: 693
  • Career Best Rating: 885
  • Explosive Indian opener with a high strike rate
  • Record-holder for the highest individual score in ODIs
  • A game-changer at the top of the order

With an astounding tally of 693 runs, Sharma reigns supreme as the world no 1 ODI batsman. His mastery over every facet of batting is a sight to behold.

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Jason Roy (Rank 12)

  • Rating: 682
  • Career Best Rating: 782
  • Aggressive English opener with a fearless approach
  • Known for his attacking gameplay and powerful strokes
  • A vital asset to England’s batting lineup
Jason Roy odi batting ranking

His formidable score of 682 underscores his prowess as one of the best ODI batsmen. Roy’s approach is a symphony of power and finesse, unleashing a torrent of runs with his audacious strokes.

Shai Hope best odi batsman

Shai Hope (Rank 13)

  • Rating: 677
  • Career Best Rating: 808
  • Caribbean batsman with a solid technique
  • Adept at building partnerships and stabilizing the innings
  • Key player for the West Indies in ODIs

Hope’s ability to anchor the innings while maintaining a scoring tempo underscores his credentials as one of the best ODI batsmen of our era.

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Jonny Bairstow (Rank 14)

  • Rating: 669
  • Career Best Rating: 796
  • Explosive English wicketkeeper-batsman
  • Known for his aggressive play and adaptability
  • Contributes to England’s batting firepower
jonny bairstow no.1 odi batsman

His aggressive batting stance, combined with innovative shot-making, has catapulted him to the ranks of the best ODI batsmen in the world. Bairstow’s ability to seize control of the game’s momentum makes him a prized asset for any team.

jos butler odi ranking batsman

Jos Buttler (Rank 15)

  • Rating: 658
  • Career Best Rating: 741
  • Dynamic English wicketkeeper-batsman
  • Renowned for his innovative strokes and finishing skills
  • Adds depth to England’s middle order

As a quintessential middle-order dynamo, Buttler’s ability to shift gears seamlessly makes him a coveted asset. His exquisite shots and fearless approach are a testament to his rightful place among the best ODI batsmen on the global stage.

Ibrahim Zadran (Rank 16)

  • Rating: 657
  • Career Best Rating: 663
  • Emerging Afghan talent with potential
  • Known for his solid technique and consistent performances
  • A rising star in Afghanistan’s batting lineup
ibrahim zadran best odi batsman

Hailing from Afghanistan, Zadran’s maturity at the crease belies his age. His composed demeanor, combined with well-timed shots, has elevated him as a contender for the title of the best ODI batsman in the future.

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kane williamson no.1 odi ranking batsman

Kane Williamson (Rank 17)

  • Rating: 652
  • Career Best Rating: 799
  • New Zealand captain with classical batting style
  • Expertise in building innings and rotating strike
  • A leader both on and off the field

The New Zealand captain’s serene approach and ability to navigate any situation have earned him accolades. His classical shots and unwavering focus underscore his stature as one of the best ODI batsmen of this era.

Mushfiqur Rahim (Rank 18)

  • Rating: 649
  • Career Best Rating: 739
  • Dependable Bangladeshi batsman
  • Known for his ability to anchor the innings
  • Plays a crucial role in Bangladesh’s batting lineup
Mushfiqur Rahim best odi batsman

With a score of 649, Mushfiqur Rahim is a rock of stability in Bangladesh’s lineup. His ability to weather stormy situations and guide the team towards competitive totals is commendable.

David miller a world no.1 odi batsman

David Miller (Rank 19)

  • Rating: 643
  • Career Best Rating: 653
  • South African batsman with explosive hitting ability
  • Known for his aggressive gameplay in the middle order
  • Adds firepower to South Africa’s batting lineup

Hailing from South Africa, Miller’s ability to deliver brutal blows in the final overs has left both fans and opponents awestruck. His capacity to alter the course of a game single-handedly elevates him among the best ODI batsmen.

Joe Root (Rank 20)

  • Rating: 631
  • Career Best Rating: 824
  • Steadfast presence in the world of cricket
  • Known for his impeccable technique and patience
  • Capable of anchoring innings and building partnerships
Joe Root best odi batsman

The backbone of England’s middle order, Root’s textbook shots and immaculate timing have solidified his position as one of the best ODI batsman in contemporary cricket. His knack for building innings and steering the team to victory remains unmatched.

The world of cricket is graced by these exceptional talents, each contributing their unique skills to their teams’ successes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are the ICC ODI rankings calculated?

The ICC ODI rankings are calculated using a points system. Each batsman is awarded points based on their performance in ODI matches. The points are calculated using a variety of factors, including the batsman’s batting average, strike rate, and number of centuries and half-centuries scored.

What is the highest ODI ranking ever achieved?

The highest ODI ranking ever achieved is 942, which was set by Virat Kohli in 2018. Kohli is widely considered to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time, and his record-breaking ranking is a testament to his incredible talent.

Who is the current no. 1 ODI batsman in the world?

The current world number 1 ODI batsman in the world is Babar Azam of Pakistan. Azam is in excellent form, and he has been consistently scoring runs at the top of the order for Pakistan. He is a very technically-sound batsman who is capable of scoring runs in all conditions.

How often are the ICC ODI rankings updated?

The ICC ODI rankings are updated after every ODI match. This means that the rankings are constantly changing, and the best batsmen in the world are always striving to improve their rankings.

What is the difference between the ICC ODI rankings and the ICC Test rankings?

The ICC ODI rankings and the ICC Test rankings are calculated using different formulas. The ODI rankings are more heavily weighted towards batting averages, while the Test rankings are more heavily weighted towards strike rates. This is because ODI matches are shorter than Test matches, and batsmen are therefore more likely to score at a slower pace in ODIs.

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