How To Play Ludo Online?

How To Play Ludo Online?

The Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Game is fairly straightforward and a lot like the traditional board game. Learn how to win real money playing the best Ludo game online here:

Easy to play

By downloading Fantasy Khiladi from our website and logging in, you can start playing the game on your smartphone.

Login and signup

You must fill out your information to make an account if you are a new player. If you are an existing player, you can just login using your email address/phone no. and password.

Showcase your skills

Fantasy Khiladi is so much more than a dice game. If you want to win, you have to form strategies, or you have to create a master plan.

Buy coins and withdrawals

By selecting the table and purchasing coins online, you can start playing right away. We provide immediate, round-the-clock withdrawals to the associated bank or Paytm account.

Safe and secure gateway

We reassure you that the Fantasy Khiladi Ludo platform is completely safe and secure. Because Fantasy Khiladi is an SSL-secured site, we can guarantee both the security of your credentials and your payments.

When you have started a match with an opponent, here is how you can play Classic Ludo on Fantasy Khiladi ludo app:


Make sure that every token/pawn on Fantasy Khiladi is in the pocket of the corresponding colour (Red tokens go to Red space) before beginning a game of Ludo. Then, it is the turn of each player to roll the dice to determine who gets to go first. Each player must roll a six to begin. After then, you can take out your pawn and begin your move. You have the choice to play another pawn if you roll another six.

The game continues in accordance with the standard Ludo rules until each player has all of their respective pawns in the homespace. You can capture an opponent's pawn and send it off the board if the moves you make after rolling the dice clash with that opponent's pawn. To reintroduce the pawn into the game, the opponent needs to roll a six.

According to the rules of Fantasy Khiladi Ludo, the round should go on until three players successfully bring their pawns into the homespace by rolling the exact number. On Fantasy Khiladi, however, players can either win by scoring the most points or by bringing all of their pawns safely into their homespace.

Ludo Online Game Tips and Tricks

Ludo tips and tricks you should keep in mind

Keep all your tokens open

We're all aware that nobody can influence how often sixes are rolled. You should open all of your pawns/tokens whenever you inadvertently roll a 6. Consequently, it is easier to move when one of your tokens reaches the home triangle.

Never race with a single token

The only way to win a Ludo game onlineis to move all of your tokens at once rather than one token at a time. Try to evenly distribute your tokens around the board. This would make it easier for you to win by forming a block or capturing tokens from other players. This is a crucial strategy for succeeding in the Ludo online game.

Seize the tokens of the Opponents

The goal of the Ludo game is not only to spread your opened tokens over the board. It also involves capturing the opponent's token and putting it back on their side of the playing area. As a result, anytime you have the chance, you should seize your opponent's tokens.

Clog the opponent's token

Try blocking your opponent's tokens if you're having problems taking them. By using this method, they won't be able to pass your token or take your tokens. You must keep a close eye on each token on the board if you want to succeed. It should go without saying that you must take action while monitoring the situation.

Keep Your Tokens Safe

There are numerous ways and techniques to keep your tokens secure across the board, aside from your playing field. Tokens that are close to the home triangle should never be moved; instead, move tokens that are less likely to be seized by the opposition. Your gameplay involves strategically moving your tokens about the board, thus you should be doing that while playing.