Here are someFrequently Asked Questions

No, you can only login with one account on your device.

Write & share your concern with us on

Users can contact the Fantasy Khiladi Support team by sending an email to support@fantasykhiladi.comif they have a complaint about any problem involving the game. It is encouraged that the user write a description of the problem in the email and include a screenshot and a video grab of the problem they are experiencing in the game. The support staff will work to find a quick solution to the problem.

You can get all the up to date information related to Fantasy khiladi ludo games on You can also get information related to updates and the "How to" guides on the official Fantasy Khiladi's Youtube Channel. You can like and follow the official Fantasy khiladi pages on Facebook, Telegram, and Instagramto stay updated with the latest additions in the game and offers.

Once you have joined the match, you cannot leave it.

You cannot resume a match that you previously left or quit.

The computer randomly generates the dice roll. The result of the dice roll is not subject to our influence or control in any way. We do not rig the dice roll in order to ensure that every player has a fair playing experience. Read Our Fair Play Policy.

No, you won't get a refund in this situation.

A referral code can be shared with you by a friend or acquaintance who has already downloaded the Fantasy KhiladiLudo app. In the lack of a referral code, you can still register.

No, the bonus money can be used as match entry fees.

Yes, as a first-time user, you must accept all terms and conditions and privacy policies.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, we are unable to accept players from these states to Fantasy Khiladi.

Yes. We do not share our user's information with anyone and use top-notch practices and tools to ensure the security and privacy of their data.

You will be randomly matched with another user who opted to play the same game & chose the same table as you.

No, pauses are not permitted.

No, you won't get a refund in this situation.