Tamasha Ludo Apk Download – How To Register & Login

The domain of play and earn money online ludo games has grown at a rapid pace. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the emergence of literally uncountable online play Ludo games & earn money that offer enticing gaming experience to users as well as a wonderful opportunity to rake in real money.

Out of all the online play ludo and earn money games, Tamasha Ludo is one the most popular, thrilling, and strategic online ludo games that gives all its registered users a golden opportunity to earn money online by playing ludo at the comfort of their couches.

It’s a classic dice game that takes the gaming experience to the next level. Unlike other online ludo games, this amazing ludo gaming app requires critical thinking, solid planning, and deep analysis to ace the battle rather than throwing dice and moving your pawns randomly.

Tamasha Ludo has continually been voted as one of the best play ludo and earn money online games by numerous prestigious gaming platforms. 

Most online ludo game enthusiasts often put up questions like how to download Tamasha Ludo? How to register and login to Tamasha Ludo? As Tamasha Ludo is not available on google play store and Apple app store, you have to download Tamasha Ludo Apk and register to login and play the game. Let’s get to know how to download Tamasha Ludo Apk, register, and login.

General Information on Tamasha Ludo App

This section comprises some generation and vital information on Tamasha Ludo App that every user must know before downloading and playing it. 

App NameTamasha Ludo
SizeApprox. 73 MB
Sign in Bonus20 INR
Total Downloads215k
Daily Active Users23.5k
Download Linktamasha.live

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How to Download Tamasha Ludo APK? Register & Login Steps

The process of downloading and installing Tamasha Ludo APK is effortless if you stick to the pointers mentioned below. We have created the sequential process to download Tamasha Ludo APK so you don’t have to hustle.

Step – 1  – Click on The Download Button Link Stated Below.

Step – 2 – The click on button will take you to the main website of Tamasha Ludo game.

Step – 3 – Click on the download link and the apk will start downloading on your phone.

Step – 4 – Once the download is completed, click on the apk file to begin the installation.

Step -5 – After the completion of installation, click on the app icon to launch it.

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Step – 6 – The app will ask you to login by feeding ID and password if you already have an account. If not, you need to sign up to play the game.

Step – 7 –  To register, click on ‘Not a Member? Sign up!’ in the bottom of the screen.

Step -8-  Enter your username, email id, mobile number, password, and refer code if you have any. Click on the signup button.

Step – 9 – The Tamasha Ludo app will ask for an OTP verification and send an OTP to your registered mobile number.

Step – 10 – Enter the OTP and hit the verify OTP button.

Step – 11 – Congratulations! You are ready to access and play different modes of Tamasha Ludo and win some massive money.

How to Play Tamasha Ludo?

  • Login Tamasha Ludo App and select from Ludo Classic and Ludo Lite versions of Tamasha Ludo to play.
  • After choosing one of the versions, pick from online, friends, or computer modes to play ludo games.
  • In online mode, choose the betting amount, pick the colour of your tokens, and tap on the play button.
  • Like a classic ludo game, it also has 4 tokens at each corner. A player has to roll the dice at every turn to move the token. Any token will be opened only when number 6 appears on the dice.
  • A player can protect his tokens by sitting at star (safe) positions and can destroy the token of the opponents by jumping on the same block.
  • Play the Tamasha Ludo game strategically by making smart and careful moves to emerge as a victor and claim the winning amount in the end.

Tamasha Ludo Referral Code

If you are seeking a Tamasha Ludo referral code, we’ve rounded it up for you. The Tamasha Ludo referral code is mHdiFMCg. You can earn up to 10rs sign up bonus that you can use while playing the Tamasha Ludo game.

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How To Earn Money from Tamasha Ludo App?

There are two primary methods to earn money through the Tamasha Ludo App. 

The first method involves playing the Ludo game itself by choosing different modes. By demonstrating proficiency in playing Ludo, individuals can earn money by participating in games and subsequently withdrawing the accumulated winning amount .

The second approach to earning money on Tamasha Ludo App is through a referral program called “Refer and Earn.” By accessing the Refer and Earn section within the app, users can generate a unique referral code and referral link. Through that referral code, they can invite others to download the Tamasha Ludo App using these referral tools. For every successful referral, where someone downloads the app using the provided referral code or link, the user earns ₹10.

In a nutshell, individuals can earn big money from the Tamasha Ludo App by playing Ludo games strategically and withdrawing their winnings on a timely basis. In addition to that, they can leverage the amazing Refer and Earn feature by inviting others to download the app using their referral code or link, earning ₹10 for each successful referral.

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Amazing Features of Tamasha Ludo Game

The unique and enticing features of the Tamasha Ludo app are some of the key reasons be League this app’s sky-rocketing growth in such a short amount of time. Let’s go through all the noteworthy features of the Tamasha Ludo App.

  1. Monthly Challenges: This app offers daunting monthly challenges to all its users and an interesting opportunity to connect with Tamasha Ludo enthusiasts worldwide.
  1. Multiplayer Mode: At a time, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 users can play Tamasha Ludo depending on the application and interface.
  1. Play with Computer: If you don’t have money to play, don’t worry at all. You can quench your Tamasha Ludo thrust by competing with a computer that requires no coin.
  1. Local Mode: In this mode, you can play with your friends or family members by creating a pool and take the fun notches higher.
  1. Massive Winning Amount: You can earn as much as you want by winning ludo battles as well as referring to others. 

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 How to Withdraw Money from Tamasha Ludo App

Once you have accumulated a sufficient winning amount, the next step is to withdraw it without any hassle. We have jotted down the accurate steps to withdraw from the App below. Let’s go through them one at a time.

  1. Click on the Info button at the right bottom of the main app screen.
  2. You will see a list of features of the app. You have to click on the wallet button.
  3. After clicking on the wallet button, you will be directed to my account earning dashboard screen.
  4. Click on the withdraw button on the My Account dashboard.
  5. Enter UPI to connect your bank account with the Tamasha Ludo App wallet.
  6. Click on the Withdraw button again and the amount will be released and the earnings will be credited to your account within 12-24 hours.

FAQs on Tamasha Ludo App

Is Tamasha Ludo App Real & Safe to Play?

Tamasha Ludo app is one of the fastest growing play ludo and earn money online gaming apps that is safe to play and earn real winning amounts.

Can I earn Money Through Tamasha Ludo App?

Yes, you can earn real money through Tamasha Ludo App via play and win mode and referral program.

How Long Does it Takes to Withdraw Money?

In the Tamasha Ludo App, it usually takes 5-10 minutes to credit the winning amount to your account. However, a user must wait for at least 12 hours to 24 hours to get the amount credited.

Does the Tamasha Ludo App Share My Personal Data?

No, Tamasha Ludo App keeps the data of its users quite confidential and vouch to protect the identity of its users.

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